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Loose Stool

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Hi there. My new kitty has a case of loose stool. It started Friday. I noticed when I cleaned the litter boxes that one set of poo was hard and the other soft. I have two kitties so I thought, "great, how will i know who's poo is who's"? Saturday I stayed home all day and when each went in to do their duty, I checked. It turned out it was the newbie - Pico.

I just adopted him from the Cat Network and his foster mother was coming over on Sunday to do a follow up deworming. I was hoping that would settle his tummy, but alas, he was still with soft stool on Monday morning. And it's not too runny. It still has shape but is soft. Softer than his normal poos.

So...I went to a local pet nutrition store where I purchase their food (California Natural) and picked up a syringe of GI Tract Support. I gave him the recommended dosage last night. His stool was still soft this morning so I gave him another dose (it recommends twice daily until the condition improves - if it worsens it recommends taking the cat to the vet, obviously).

He is still eating and drinking and playing well. Just the soft stool. I wondered if it was from the Revolution I gave him last week Sunday, but the vet said that if it was caused by the medication that it would go away within a couple of days. Perhaps it was the food...the food they eat only has 5 ingredients (chicken, chicken meal, rice, flaxseed and something else) so I doubt it's that. And besides I transitioned him properly and the food shouldn't upset him for more than a day or so, right?

ALSO...I did catch him eating the tail off one of his toy mice last week...I just don't know if it would have upset him for so long...unless he got another one.

If by tomorrow morning, I do not see any improvement, I will take him to the vet.

Crazy kitty eating toys...I have made sure that all mice have NO tails.

Any words of advice? I did read the other forums but I figure if I'm giving him this stuff, I shouldn't try other remedies before I take him to the vet...

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It wouldn't hurt to try mixing a tablespoon of canned pumpkin (not the pie filling one) with his food. This should help with the diarrhea. It's worth a try.
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Okay...here's the update. I had Pico try a little pumpkin and within 2 days, he had a regular BM. Unfortunately, the next day, the loose stool was back.

So I made an appointment to take him to the vet and he gave me a strong dewormer, just in case, another medication for all the bacteria found in Pico's stool and he recommended an EN diet for 2-3 days.

Horribly enough, when I got home, I noticed two separate loose stools...Well, turns out little Pico gave whatever he had to Merlynn. So I was off to the vet the next day with the little girl. The Dr. gave me the same medications to give her and the diet as well.

I'm happy to report that by Sunday, they both had regular bowel movements. Yay! They go off the EN diet tomorrow and they have a few more days of the medication.


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