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Mommy, no.

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Spooky's learning to discipline. Sometimes she will break up a fight between her two kittens, sometimes she will just get ****** at one or the other, like this....

I promise I'll be good!

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she rules with an Iron paw
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What a mean mommy!!!
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hehe we i mean they always promise when busted :P
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Gotta keep those kids in line!
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she definitly learned how to keep them in line. When they were really young and would stray too far away from the nesting spot, she would run over to them, crying for them when she couldn't find them, and look at me when she got to them as if asking "what do I do?" she didn't know how to carry them back. She eventually learned to drag them. But mostly she just looked for me to take them back to where they were supposed to be

But when it comes to an ass-whooping, Spook's the mum.
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Well done Spook!

Gotta keep those kids in line
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she gotta keep those kids in line but they some cuties ,
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Awww.... she's really got the mum thing down pat! Her kittens will be better off for it. Cassie seemed to be a natural scolder when it came to disciplining her unruly son
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