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Do others here do the whole "approval" thing with their babies, i.e that big slow blink and look away manouvre?

My darling & I have had hours of fun playing the "approve" game with our girls...it's brought us really close to them too They've even learned to wink back at us with the same eye!!!
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YES YES YES! Hours of fun!

I love playing the winking game with Ronnie, Alf is no good at it. I'm sure only girl cats can play it properly.
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YUP my kitty loves it.

i also found out that if you imatate her rather feeble meow, she will start talking up a storm (one of my nephews did this and he ended up "talking" back and forth with her for at least 20 mins!)

now i will talk to her, too, and it is just so funny to hear her respond.

i feel a little bit silly cuz i have NO idea what we are "saying" to each other, and i worry if i meow the wrong way, i will have insulted her or something!
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YUP!! Russell plays too, he actually taught me. He even winks at me, though sometimes it's a little bit unnerving especially after I've changed into a different outfit. Just hope he's not thinking that I need his approval.

Oh and boy does he talk! He talks when he enters the room, he announces when he's going to the litter box and when he's bored and wants to talk and when the birds fly off leaving him alone and if he sees a cat outside, he starts talking to them. I can now tell whether he's annoyed or wants to play by his meow. And then there's that innocent meow as if to say "It wasn't me, it was the other cat I swear" even though it's just him.

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My kittens can't talk. They try, especially Jorin. When they're in the carrier and I look at them, Jorin will open his mouth and all I get is a pitiful little "....ow" more of a squeak, than an actual meow. Is this normal? They purr normally, and will let out a yelp when someone gets bit too hard, and growl. They just can't meow
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Myste, I wouldn't worry too much about it....well try your best not to. Russell's meow wasn't a meow until he was about 5 months. Before then, there would be a few squeaks here and there...and 'eows' and then eventually meows. I just figured his vocal chords still needed to develop. Just give it time and before you know it, you'll be having aconversation with them and not realise it till you're in the middle of it and leap for joy. ^_^
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I also get the long slow blink (I call them sexy eyes) from Ivo. That was the first sign of affection she gave me after I took her in. She also talks up a storm-we have to spend 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and when I get home from work snuggling and talking about how her night/day was. I don't meow to her, I just talk, but boy does she like to carry on a conversation!
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hehehee...so glad everyone else spends so much time talking to their babies!
Our favourite is that irrrrr-rrrrrr! playful trill...it just makes our hearts melt
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In the wild, feral domestic short hair adult cats do not "talk." It is normal for adult cats not to talk, depending upon the breed. I think it is the Siamese that are known for being very talkative. Most people, however, find talking endearing, and that trait has been bred into kitties.

Lazlo trills and talks up a storm. At dinner, while waiting for us to fix the food, every once in a while we get a small kind of croaky noise out of Sheldon. And they're brothers! Just recently Shelly has started to trill just a bit before he starts purring. He's 5 1/2 months old.

And male cats do get the blinking game! Sheldon and Gary play it every day. Lazlo doesn't. Well - not yet, anyway!

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I love trills! When I come home, Ivo is usually waiting at the door meowing. Then, purrs take her over, so she mreeps, chirps and trills until I put my stuff down and give her lovings. It's the most loving sound she makes.
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mreep!! that is what my Sara used to do! it is so cute-sounding

my sister's cat who i am catsitting has a loud meow when she wants her canned cat food- she says "Neee- ow! sounds just like she is demanding to have it NOW!
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LOL......... I had never really thought of this until I read this thread. But talk we all do! My brother was visiting last night and he just fell on the floor laughing because I went to the bedroom to let Amy out for a wonder and she came running out looked at me and gave a loud MEOOOOOOWWWWWW! I aparently looked back at her and said "yes I know" My brother said it looked so funny as it seemed we really understood each other and could comunicate. When I think back now I do that with all 3 my cat's. Harry is the most vocal and also does eyes for me.
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