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Registered the babies

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So, I've registered the 3 little ones with CFA last week and today I received an email giving me the new reg numbers!!!! Totally impressive!!!

So, their official names are:

Masmera Sinar Suria (which means SunShine - the boy)
Masmera Kelip Bintang (which means Twinkle Star - girl 1)
Masmera Cahaya Bulan (Which means Moonlight - girl 2)

Due to quarantine issues, Bulan will start her show career in Hong Kong and will only be shown in Malaysia/Hong Kong and Suria will start his show career in Thailand and around the rest of Asia (if they're as good as I think they are!!!)

Updated pics coming soon!!!!
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Lovely names. for good luck in their show careers!
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Cool names - thanks for the "interpretation" of them

I added a note to Charlie's show thread - Nancy emailed me the kitten count/points results - check it out
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Congratulations and good luck!
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