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Anal gland-spraying?

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Twice now in the last 6 months or so one of my girls has done a most peculiar thing...

The first time she was standing on her cat tree and i was scrathing the base of her tail. She was really loving it and then suddenly sprayed a STRONG smelling brown sticky substance. She was as shocked as i was. It was hard to clean up and even harder to get rid of the smell.

The second time she jumped up on the computer desk while i was using the computer and did it again (thankfully on the wall and not me!).

I assume its from the anal glands... definetly not defication.

Question 1.. am i correct?
Question 2.. why might she do this
Question 3.. medical attention needed?


*Oh some background.. shes spayed, 2 years old this coming May, has a tendency to being over weight but we control her access to food (will over eat till she throws up- right from day 1) and shes an indoor/outdoor cat.
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My male cat Reilly has also done this in the past.

Your kitty may need to have the glands expressed (very easy for the vet to do)
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My friends cat did that (a few years ago now) and it was a totally unexpected thing to see ! She had him off the the vets and as mentioned above the vet sorted it out
My dog had this problem in later life and had to go to the vets about twice a year !
So I suspect a trip to the vets is in order !
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To be safe, I would have her checked out by your vet to be sure there is not a health issue involved.
If it is her scent sacs...
maybe you can be shown how to express them at home if needed.
I would love to know what your vet says about this.
Keep us updated please.
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