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the Daily Thread Tuesday Jan 30

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Morning all!

WOW, this month is almost over...

Still cold here, but not as cold. And forecast for winter precip on Thursday, so the panic will ensue tomorrow. Bread and milk stocks should go up.

How about a musical holiday??? I love some jazz. I like the Marsalis brothers.

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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I could just do with a coffee as well!.

Morning all Another sunny day here but rather chilly.

45 minutes to go before i get the nose bag on and i'm ready for it
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Gotta go and get ready to greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.
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God Morning! Geez its cole outside here. I am ready for my warm temps again!! I have been making p,ans for my next bike rides. I am so excited I have just written 2 in on the calendar! One for Feb. And one for April!
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Wake me when it's warm again...
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This is me today
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Morning all. I am in the hole again today, but at least I have a cup of French Vanilla coffee in my hot little hands.

It's about 50 or so now and the hummers are fighting each other for the feeder here at work. I need to go feed the pigeons in a few minutes.....I hope the day goes by quickly.
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I think the snow has stopped for the day and its now sunny and about 12F. Took my walk outside -a bit slow going as its slippery out so I had to walk on the side of the road. Got lots of cleaning things done today-perhaps a bit more painting in the basement and have to make an appt to get hair cut-its been since Sept!!!! Salmon on the menu for tonite.
Have a good one!!
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Good Morning, Doesn't look to bad out today but I think rain is lurking so they say.
I am going to go get a haircut and make my self human again (Maybe)
Hope everyone has a Nice Tuesday
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I'm excited that this month is almost over... I love February! Valentine's day... my birthday... excuse to wear/decorate in pink!

The day is going... 3rd graders are taking a TAKS simulation test so our 2nd graders don't get PE... so I have them an hour more than I planned. I'm going stir crazy in my room!
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