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Cat guarding another

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I have an unusual situation here. I am taking care of two male Cornish Rex cats, brothers, for three weeks. I have two female "house cats" ,sisters, of a similar age to the Rexs'. The boys have been here two weeks of the three. Right from the beginning one of my females-Professorn- took over as master cat in the house. One of the boys took second-in-command. The problem has been that my other female-Tipper- and the other male have not claimed any position in the hierarchy. It comes down to Tipper being too lazy to bother and the male not having social graces. He shows submitive behavior in the way he holds his body but not in his actions. The real problem however showed up at about week and half into the boy's stay. Both boys have begun following, ambushing and guarding Tipper wherever she goes. They do not leave her side and if she gets up to go to a new place they chase her. If she goes to the little box they site beside, if she eats they are not far away, when i let her outside they sit in the window waiting for her to return! All of this has left her rather stressed.

One might think it could be homornal habits (in heat, etc) however ALL of the cats are "fixed". The only thing new is that Tipper has gained weight in the last month. We were away during the holidays and she was given free access to food (she's more doglike in her eating habits- aka will eat till she's sick!). Other then that i cannot think why they would haunt her as they are. I would love to hear some theories!

Thanks! Anjya
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Well.. we just had our first real cat fight... I think Tipper came out on top which is impressive.. two against one. Talk about flying hair clumps! Surprisingly no bleeding from the Rexs' considering it was their "hair" flying the most. Anyone who knows what a rex is.. knows they really dont have hair, only down or undercoats. So im impressed there was no bleeding!

Now i need some suggestions! Why on earth are they shadowin gher like this.. obviously Tipper has had enough- Thankfully they go home on Saturday but I'd rather not have to close the Rexs' in all day and night too... oh i dont htink i said, but they are closed into a room at night and when im not home.

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Male cats do it all the time. They are preventing her from having a life (if they can) - from eating, claiming territory, whatever. It's crappy, but normal.
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The other thing to consider: She may smell different than when they first came into the house, for some reason.

If she is spreading fear pheremones, they will hunt her. Can she be moved to another room or area, away from them?
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I would keep them separate. Often indroductions take quite a few weeks-months, seeing as they are leaving next week it's not really worth going through the whole introduction technique.
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Well, im keeping them seperate when no one is home and then playing defense for Tipper when they are together... good thing they are going soon!

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