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I love seeing all these happy stories! What beautiful (and lucky) kitties! I posted this not too long ago here,
but am happy for any excuse to post pictures of my sweet Lily.

Here is Lily's picture from the SPCA:

After she'd been with us for a couple of months:

Lily, now, after one year. Her heart murmur has just
been downgraded from a three (a year ago) to a one.
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Awww... nothing to add but she does look great!
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SwampWitch, Lily looks absolutely wonderful!
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And we wonder why this is such a great community... This is the evidence, in all the fur and flesh.

This was Layla's adoption photo at the AC office. They said she was 6-8 weeks, the vet said should was lucky to be 4 weeks.

The day we brought her home, and while she was sick.

Not so sick

And .. wow, over a year later

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This is a great thread! But I have to say, all these little sick kittens is enough to bring tears to my eyes!

Here is LuckyGirl, skinny as can be....and can you see the fear in her eyes? They are as big as quarters.....

sorry about the quality, it's my camera phone....this was about a few weeks after we had her....she had already bulked up a bit.

and the royal diva today....

no longer the tiny little rough neck we found leaping for moths for dinner huh?
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My goodness! What wonderful new stories! I just love seeing how these little waifs go from neglected and sick (sometimes) to loved and spoiled.
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Wow, amazing new pics!!! Beandip - your Pumpkin is an amazing success story - poor little baby!!!!!

And Susie - your crew are wonderful - Jerry is such a good bloke

And Layla - what a cutie pie!!!!! Same with Lily! SwampWitch - great job you did!!!

Everyone is such a good kitty-parent!
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What a huge difference love can make. Miraculous, isn't it?
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I've posted this early picture of JinJin. This is a couple of days after I trapped her on August 9, 2005. She was very pregnant, emaciated, flea infested, and feral.

She had the kittens 5 days later, and had to stay in my bathroom for about a month due to the fleas. This is the day she and her babies were moved to the kitten room. She is hiding under a radiator:

Here she is today. This picture was taken just a few days ago.
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Kelly, JinJin's progress is just amazing!
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This is Hobo Skimbleshanks at, best guess, 4 months old. Our factory production planner found him in a railroad boxcar at our raildock. This is his first day home, still covered in creosote and raildust

He must have gone to sleep in the railcar and woke up alone, because for the longest time, he was afraid to sleep by himself. Mischief Mistoffolees was the first to get over the "new kitten syndrome" and offer him a tail to hang onto as he slept

And here is my big clown baby now....the day she handed him to me at the factory, I draped him over a shoulder, and to this day, that is his favorite place to "hang out"

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I can't stop looking at this thread with tears in my eyes, it's just so amazing how these little sick kitties have turned into such beautiful healthy cats and all because of TLC and the big hearts of all of you who saved them.
Bless you!!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Oh this is the sweetest thread! Good idea! If it weren't so darn cold in my study I'd go scan pics of Pumpkin when we first got him. I even have pics of Bunny bathing and 'mommying' him back to health. He now repays her by terrorizing her of course! I may do that tomorrow, this thread is just tooo sweet!
Can't wait to see those photos!
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All these stories are incredible. You guys are heroes!
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Here's the happily ending story of Abigail (Abby) and her children - Allen, Oliver, Rachel and Meghan.

It starts at least nine months ago, when some loser moved from his apartment in Tewksbury, MA and left behind his incredibly sweet two-year-old patched tabby calico. After fending off other animals and avoiding cars for an unknown length of time, she became pregnant and thereafter gave birth to at least four kittens. Desparate to feed her newborn family, she went back to the apartment complex to beg for food. A few kind souls offered her tidbits here and there, and this kept Abby and her kittens alive.

One person in particular was moved by her plight. Only a few weeks after Abby began coming around, this kind soul overheard other tenants complaining about Abby's visits, and listened in horror as they planned to trap and kill the momma kitty, knowing full well they would be consigning the kittens to slow starvation. This lovely lady couldn't take Abby and her family herself, so she began exploring every avenue she could think of in her desire to save them. And she found me.

A few days later, we met at her apartment. Abigail seemed to know we were there to help her and walked into our carrier with no hesitation whatsoever. Finding the kittens was not so easy. After two and a half hours of searching nearby woods, we reluctantly released Abby in what we thought was the most likely vicinity of her kittens. Ten minutes later, she led us right to them.

That was October 7th. The kittens were about five weeks old at the time; everyone was thin and had fleas, ticks and worms. Abby was recently adopted by a dear friend of mine, and the kittens will stay with me always.

This was their first night in my apartment. The only thing holding Abby up that night was the box she was leaning against. (And three of those four kittens were hissing at me - they were quite the handful to begin with.)

A couple of nights later.

The four siblings after one week.

Abby, several weeks later. She looks so much better.

The four kittens keeping me company at my desk on December 2nd, 24 hours after their speuters.

And a recent pic of the foursome.
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Oh, look at them! They are so cute! No wonder you never let them go!
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What a heartwarming story! Its so wonderful how you were able to keep all 4 kittens together, and put the momma in a furrever home They are so adorable, I just love them!
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Awww Look at that white kitty! What a beautiful story!
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Wow Auntie Crazy - what a story!!! Lucky for kind souls who care! I can't believe she managed to keep the kittens alive for so long! They look so happy and healthy now, you did a great job!

I assume they're pretty tame now? What are they like personality wise? Do they still have some feral in them?
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Autie Crazy-another white kitty is a member of TCS!!! I have to say for what you did! Those poor kitties & think people can kill a poor cat...
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Oh, they're totally tame now. They follow me everywhere, greet me at the door, and sleep with me at night (albiet, not ALL night *smile*).

I think all the feral's been loved right out of these guys, don't you?
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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
Oh, they're totally tame now. They follow me everywhere, greet me at the door, and sleep with me at night (albiet, not ALL night *smile*).

I think all the feral's been loved right out of these guys, don't you?
Oh that is precious
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I've gotta get in on this one, at least with my last two little girls.
Boo and Sassy weren't exactly rescues, but they came from the pound.
Here are their pictures that were on Petfinder.
Boo - 9 weeks old about 2-1/2 lb.
She was in a cage by herself and the day after I put a deposit on her and went back and put the deposit on Sassy, she was laying in her cage looking so sad that I just took her out and held her and told her she would be going to her new home real soon.

You can see a bit of the large white dish looking thing behind Boo. It looked to be a dog food dish and that's what Boo had for a litter box.
Sassy - 6 weeks old about 1 lb 10 oz.

They are now about 8 months at 8lb. 4 oz. and 7 months 5 lb. 1 oz.
Here are the two of them a couple weeks ago.

What you can see of Sassy in the cage is about all I had seen before picking her up. I had inquired about her brother and he already had a deposit on him, sut the kid taking care of things told me they had one maine coon mix left, the sister who was black and white. She seemed to always be hiding in the back of the cage. I hemmed and hawed thinking I really wasn't sure about getting two females, (shoot, I had only planned to get one cat), but I told him I've always liked black and white cats, so what the heck. That is how Sassy ended up coming home with her new sister Boo.

I can say that getting two kittens together was the best thing to do. Those girls didn't want anything to do with each other at first, but by the time they were let out of the playpen into the whole house they were true friends and have been getting into mischief together ever since.

Right now I'm figuring on calling the vet for an appointment sor Sassy because she seems to be very slow at gaining weight.

Our kits do seem to keep us on our toes.
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