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uti help

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a while back my cat had uti and had the whole cathatar thing,(several times in a few days). very expensive and the vet said that it wasnt even curable . all i had to do was keep buying his expensive food. well, tigrito got sick again but i caught it early on. i noticed that while trying to pee in the litter pan, nothing came out. not wanting to pay another $800 bucks i did a little research(without that vets help). i bought some cranberryand vitamin c suppliments and put them in his canned food with a little bit of water. make sure he eats it all. the suppliment helps the ph balance. the wet food is manditory. he is not allowed to eat dry food at all becuase that is what caused it in the first place. i use pro plan urinary canned food they sell it a petco. it was recommended on their website by other consumers.

male neutered overweight cats are the ones most prone to uti. keep your cats active, and give them plenty of water, bottled water is better than tap. mixing it in food is a good way for you to sneak it into their diet.
cats also need to have wet food in their diet because that is how their digestive sytem works. it was made to digest raw meat.

oh, it's been about 2 weeks and tigrito is better than ever. peeing full stream, and extremly happy.
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I'm so glad your little one is doing better. They rely so much on us and you went the extra for him. You may want to get a second opinion if it comes back. Good luck.
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