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Too much cat grass?

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We grow cat grass for Puppy to help him avoid the houseplants. He absolutely loves the stuff, and eats quite a bit every day. I've never know previous cats to eat this much, but then again, they were outdoors. He'll just munch away for a long time.

He doesn't seem to have any reaction. No bad stools, and no throwing up. I was just wondering if it was generally ok for him. He hates every store-bought treat we've ever given him (other than the hairball formula), but he loves the grass.
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What kind of seeds do you use? I think cat grass is fine for them if its not store bought. I would avoid too much store bought cat grass as I've heard they add uneccesary chemicals to it. I used to grow my own for the kids but they always threw it up so I stopped (even though it is ok for them to throw it up). I just couldnt stand watching them throw up lol.
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I leave some out all the time, and mine munch pretty much every day. I've had zero issues - unless I forget to re-up the supply, then they go after my plants.

I think if my cats were outdor, they would be eating regular grass, which is much worse for them because of sharp edges, so I have no worries at all that they are getting too much.
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I buy the organic wheatgrass from Petco, as well as oat grass (sold as "pet grrass") from Whole Foods. My kitty LOVES it- the first day I bring it home, he sits there and munches for a solid minute or two.
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My cat also eats a tremendous amount of grass and, like yours, has no bad reactions to it. It's pretty good for them -- helps with hairballs, and I think also digestion. Nothing bad there. I use store bought cat grass also, sometimes pre-grown and sometimes from seeds.
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