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Well, here I go again

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Hiya all, just checking in. I visited the animal care and control center here in town today, and had my heart stolen. I am looking at getting a new feline friend in a couple of days, and look forward to providing a good home to a pet that desperately wants one. After a bit of pouting, and brick pounding, I am now in a position to adopt a cat, and provide it with a nice place to call home. And no one to tell me whatI can and cannot do with it either, lol.

Hoping hte cat is still available, she will be home with me on Wednesday, after I get paid. She was soooooo adorable. Solid grey, bright blue eyes, and such a sweetheart, and only 7 months old. Here's hoping.
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yeah for you and the kitty! she sounds adorable! thank you for saving a shelter pet- and we better get some pics of this little beauty
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Perhaps you can tell that that you are going to be taking her and that you are just waiting for your pay.......perhaps they will put up an "adopted" sign for you. Never hurts to ask.
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I did ask about that, and they will not put up nad adopted sign or hold a pet for anyone. This reduces the risk of infection among the animals as they wasnt them out of the shelter ASAP. To be honest, I do not blame them, and I can understand this policy. Well, here's hoping things go my way.
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If things don't go your way, do not worry, it was not meant to be. If you don't get her, that just means there is another cat who is in desperate need of you for their dad!
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I hope you enjoy having a new Baby and Thank You for careing enough to save a life I know that there's so many that don't have anyone to Love them and I know you will not regret doing this, 6 out of the 8 in my siggy are ones that I saved from a busy shopping center parking lot and the Love they give me is the greatest, had I not rescued them I know they would not be alive. Please come back and share pictures of you new Grey Bule eyed beauty with us. Have you thought of a name yet?
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true, and there were 4 cats in holding waiting for their 4 day waiting period to end, which will be either tomorrow (tues) or the next day (wednesday). So we will see what happens. But pics will follow as soon as I can get them.
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Her name is Lucia (Lu - sha), and I will have the pics of her (if I am fortunate to adopt her) asap.
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I do hope that you get the kitty you want, please keep us posted on it.
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You sound smitten! Here's hoping!!
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Aw, thats great news
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yeah, I was smitten with this little one. She went into my arms so nicely, and was immediately purring. Gosh who knew, lol.
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Good luck...I'll be following this thread closely, in hopes that you can adopt her!!!!
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mine and my 23 cats paws crossed you get your baby, or one who needs you the most
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well hoping things go my way tomorrow. Already thinking of taking the cat to work and letting the residents enojy a pet for a bit of therapy and brighten their day a bit. Will have to see about that though. Might also be able to work something out with the aminal control center for something like that too. Hmmmmm.
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well, sorry to get everyone's hopes up, but when I went to the animal shelter, I found htat they were closed in adoptinos. There was no animals to adopt. Will be trying again soon though, so we will see.
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Ugh! How frustrating! So, are all the cats now adopted out, or are they not adopting out because they are all under quarantine or something?
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They were all adopted out as of yesterday. But will be looking to adopt again in a couple of weeks. Kinda sad, but I am happy that hte animals found a new home too. They do place animals in a 4 day hold pattern when they arrive at hte shelter. That is to give the owners a change to claim their pet, before they become available for adoption. It also gives them time to get the animals looked at too, and shots given. But will be visiting them again in 2 weeks, that is a for sure.
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YAY! Are there any other shelters you can get to? You could check to see if there are any others locally or else to see if other local ones have kitties that catch your eye!
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I have looked at petfinder, and keeping an eye out there too. I have to wait for a couple of weeks anyways, I had to use the money for the cat on a couple of other things that I did not expect. But will be keeping my eye out though.
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Woo-Hoo! Let us know when you find "the one"!
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i will, cause pics will also get posted too. Was just looking on, and see a couple that I might like, but I still have to wait a bit though. Also looking for a dog potentially too. I am keeping my ears open around the neighbourhood as well.
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That's so sweet that you are so eager to share your home with a pet that needs one. I'm sorry that you didn't get the kitty that you had your heart set on, but sometimes that happens for a reason. I think that a needier kitty is going to find it's way into your loving home. It's hard to wait when you are ready but I have faith that the right kitty will find you! Bless your heart!!!
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I agree, and hoping to find the right one soon. Will keep looking.
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Well, just getting home from work, and I found out that a fellow employee might be looking to re home a 7mo male kitten, that has been de clawed and spayed too. I said I would be interested if that is the case. So who knows.
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