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Thursday's Dt

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Good morning all! I am so glad the week is almost over. It has been a very busy week. I am still recovering from my illness last week, at least it is no longer in the ears and sinuses and it is just a chest infection now.

I need help! I am supposed to go to a birthday party this weekend that I really don't want to go to. My hubby has out right said he will not go. It is to my 2nd cousin's birthday. She is going to be 17. She is also the daughter of my godmother. Her family is extremely snotty and weird and hubby can't stand them. They are fairly well off and the parts are a way for their friends to show off and to buy expensive presents for the daughter. My family kind of hovers together because it is horrible trying to talk to some of these people (Last year I made the mistake of saying something to some one who was talking about how their child's nanny wrecked the Mercedes). I don't know what to do. There is nothing she needs, hubby refuses to go, but they are still family. Do I make an excuse? Do I go without him (then he'll be mad at me for going? I just don't know! Sorry to vent!
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Hi everyone!!

Ady-I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. Get better soon! As far as the party goes, if I were you, I wouldn't go if I didn't feel comfortable there. Eventhough it is family, it seems like you don't really have a good time whenever you go there. If I felt out of place at a family function, I don't think that I would go. Or, you could just drop in for a few minutes and give her the present and leave. Or, another option is that you could just mail her a card and maybe a gift so you don't have to actually see anyone. Good luck!!

I am going to be busy doing homework today.
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Hi all!

Ady, I side with Sarah on this one and I think you also answered your own question by saying "I don't really want to go". If it makes you uncomfortable, then do not go. Send her a card. Hey....if these people are snotty and well-to-do, then she should be content getting a card, especially if she does not need anything. I'm sure her parents spoil her enough. Good luck and if you do decide to go, just smile and make the best out of the situation.

Well...I am really sick. Caught a cold and have been fighting it since monday. I haven't slept at all since then. Just on and off. I get all stuffy and dry and then the coughing starts. Not fun. it's times like this I miss my mommy!

Not much going on today. I think I will take my lunch hour to go shopping for a couple of pairs of pants. Shopping always makes me feel better

Have a great day everyone!

Sarah...have fun with your homework
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Thanks for the advice. I probably won't go, but then I will have to deal with guilt trips from my mom and grandmother! Urgh!

Ghys - try some Buckley cough medicine. It is horrid, but really helps with the coughing. Make sure you get the night time version as it will knock you and the cough out!
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Buckley....yuck! I do know it works well though. Problem is, as soon as I open the bottle, it makes me gag. It's like sticking your tongue in a jar of vicks. But yes....you are right, it does work. I might just try it tonight. Pray for me! :LOL:

I guess you are in a no-win situation. What if you suddenly get really sick? Hey...you really haven't been feeling good...just an idea!

Maybe you could go. But buy her a really tacky gift and that way, they may not invite you next year! Okay....my Tylenol Cold medecine is kicking in. That is really not a nice thing to do. Funny though!

If you do go, I want all the details on monday! Nanny's and mercedes and all!
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We had a good time at the Avalanche game last night. Avs won! Only about 1/2 of the regulars played, but that is to be expected since it is only pre-season. I was really surprised that the LA Kings actually had their starting goalie play the whole game. That's like having your starting quarterback play all game in the pre-season. We had our third string goalie in all game, and still beat them. Hahahahaha. :tounge2:

It is cold and cloudy and dreary outside today - my favorite type of fall weather. I just wish I could be snuggled up with a kitty or two, and a good book.

Ady, I agree with everyone else. I wouldn't go to that b-day party. If you are going to catch it from your side of the family, start now by really playing up how sick you are. Then when this weekend rolls around, you already have an excuse built in. Or if you absolutely have to go have an excuse ready so you can leave early, like a prior committment or have hubby call on your cell phone with an "emergency."

Ghys, I hope you get to feeling better soon. At least the week is almost over and you can rest and recover over the weekend.
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Don't Go! You're still recovering from an illness! Right?

Lazlo got sick last night. Thank god our kitties emit a small yowl just before they throw up or we never would have known (he was hiding in a corner.) Well, it was moving. Gross! Grabbed a baggie, grabbed the cats and zoomed to the vet one minute before closing (9:00pm here!). Yup. Round worm. Both cats were de-wormed when we rescued them. They've been out on a leash once - Lazlo wasn't even on the ground he hated it so much. They've been indoor only kitties with no contact with the outdoor cats. Vet said it takes three weeks to mature, so his explaination was there were still eggs in his system that didn't get killed from the de-wormer. But they were neutered 1 1/2 weeks ago... makes you wonder... I'm heading to the Health & Nutrition forum next!

Hubby was scared it was from our shoes (which we take off on the bottom step when we come in and don't wear in the house AT ALL). Nonetheless, we were up until 3:00am steam-cleaning the entire R.V., the couch and two chairs. Then we used anti-bacterial cleaner on all surfaces, which, of course, we had to then clean with soap and water because we didn't want to harm the cats. Scrubbed the kitchen floor (wood) and the bathroom floor (tile). Changed ALL the linens, and put all couch pillows, cat beds, etc. into bags to go to the laundry.

Try living with cats with a germo-phobe!

Hope today's a better one than yesterday!
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Oops! And feel better, Ghyslaine!

Sending GET BETTER vibes to everyone. Lot's of fall "colds" going round, it seems like.
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Laurie, that is too bad about the worms. I have to worm my cats on a regular basis, because they get them from the ferals that are around our farm.

Ady....If you don't want to go to the party, just tell them you are sick...it wouldn't be a lie, since you are.
I hope you and Gyslaine both get to feeling better!!!

My heart is heavy today. I don't know why I am so depressed, but there has been so much loss on the board lately....Hissy's precious Dunkin, Danielas Cymone, Sonia's dear cat and Deb Myers three babies.
My heart just aches for all of you.

I am also having that familiar feeling of dread when I think of the day soon approaching that I may have to go back to work and leave my little sweetie with someone she doesn't know and be without her all day.

I am trying to be in a happy mood....it is a beautiful day here....sun is shining, birds are singing...I look outside and see all my furbabies basking in the warm sun and laying on the porch,and in the lawn chairs, etc. (except Merlin who is napping on my bed right now) and Amber is enjoying her new baby swing that her dad put together for her. She is my little angel.

My brother is having problems with his wife being jealous of his hired help, who is a woman but he would never cheat on her. It is making a very uncomortable situation because his wife wants him to fire this poor woman who has really done nothing wrong, and I hate to see my brother so sad.

Boy.....I'm a real downer today aren't I??? Sorry. I just have a heavy heart. But it will pass I am sure.

I love all you guys!!!!
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I don't go to family gatherings, much. My brothers are insufferable and they drag all of these tramps along. We have my parents over, for a barbecue but, we pretty much keep to ourselves.

I'm off, today. Can't believe that I slept until 9:00. Bill and I have been working WAY too hard, lately. We REALLY need a vacation but, can't afford it, right now.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better, soon.
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Debby, wish I could give you a big hug! (((Hug))). I've had teary days also and they are no fun. Hope your day brightens up.

Well everyone, guess I am out of here. The migraine has begun and I have the chills. Everyone says I look awful (how nice of them!!)

I may be heading straight to bed (which is difficult with 2 little guys at home).

Take care everyone and talk to you tomorrow.
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Ghyslaine...I said a big prayer that you will get to feeling better....I wish I could give you a big hug too...
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Ady...glad to hear you are feeling better.

As for the birthday party...I wouldn't go. IF you don;t feel comfortable around these people, then don't waster YOUR precious time doing things and with people that you don't enjoy.

Debby...I think about you often. I so hope that something comes along to allow you to stay home with Amber. I continue to send positive energy your way. <hugs>

Ghys...feel better!

Heidi...go AVS! What is this? I am a Flyers fan...what the puck?

Horrible weather here today in DE. Rainy, cold and miserable. WE do need the rain...but it makes for a dreary day. Work was very busy as usual. Looking forward to all my season premieres tonight...
Friends, Will & Grace and ER. Couch potato night!

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening
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