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How to show my cat I care?

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Hello everybody. This is my first post on the forum and I apologise if this has already been covered elsewhere. I inherited a cat a few months ago, he was my sisters, and she has gone to work abroad. Although Im not sure how old he is he has no health problems, sees the vet regularly for check ups and is generally very well taken care of (i hope!).

My wife and I both love him extremely much. Hes my first ever pet (i'm 30) and until I got him I didn't realise it was possible to really adore an animal like this. But I'm far from being an expert on animal and my question is what should i be doing to keep him happy on a daily basis? I spend a lot of time with him and keep him company but do cat's like to be petted or stroked in a certain way, or do they even prefer to be alone a lot? Should I be buying him toys to play with? He also seems to quite like sleeping, I dont know if that means hes getting older or if thats normal for cats.

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Every cat is an individual - some like to be rubbed under their chins or on top of their heads or down their whole bodies, and others don't like to be touched at all. Most cats enjoy toys, though once again its trial and error as to which ones they will like. My two adore the little sparkly crinkle balls, but the exact same balls without the sparkle get no response.

I think your cat will let you know how he wants to be loved. Cats are very talented at demanding what they think is theirs by right. Don't worry, as long as you want to do right by him, I think he will know that you love him! Good luck with your new boy, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have! I hope you enjoy this site, its full of wonderful people!
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First I'd like to say welcome to TCS!!

Being owned by a cat is a wonderful feeling and what's so neat about it is that no 1 cat is the same.

Over time through trial and error you will learn what your kitty likes. My cat Reilly loves to have his head and chin pet, while my other one Sydney loves belly rubs

As far as toys go, I'd suggest going to the pet store and picking up a variety. One thing that is important for cats to have is a scratching post (little cardboard tray)

Don't be too alarmed when you see your cat sleeping alot. They tend to spend most of their lives sleeping....especially as they grow older.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!!
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Hi and welcome! I think it sounds like you're doing a great job so far! I have to agree with everyone... each cat is different. I have one who goes crazy trying to chase a laser beam, the other could care less. Both love a feather toy (it's on a pole, a feather dangles from it) and their all time favorite toy is a Cat Dancer... it looks really cheap and it's not very expensive but I promise, they go nuts for it!

As for petting... you'll know when he likes something. The purrs will get louder, ha! And if he doesn't, those claws might come out... they are pretty vocal about what they like and don't like!

Sleeping... yes they do that a lot and they do like company... mine like their alone time sometimes, other times they'll come and cuddle with me!

Enjoy your first cat and welcome again!
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I agree with the stuff said above and just wanted to add one thing. Sleeping is a favorite activity for most cats and I know that my cat is very particular where she sleeps. She'll sleep on my bed but only on the fuzzy blankets and not on the satin-y comfortor. If you don't want your cat sleeping on your bed, then you could buy him/her a bed of their own. Or even if you don't mind that, your cat may like a nice soft bed, or maybe one that is covered. But it all depends on your cat's personality.
Congrats and Good Luck!
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Yes, sleep all day and run around the house like a freak at night
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Congratulations on your first pet and I'm glad you are finding it so rewarding! Cats do sleep a lot whether old or young. I've heard they sleep about 16-18 hours a day! And mine are proof! Sometimes I wish I was a house cat. I'd love to sleep 16 hours a day! My cats like toys. They like little fuzzy stuffed mice, catnip stuffed toys and string toys. Most cats like to be pet. I don't think there's any special way. You just have to get to know his preferences.
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Hi congrats on your new kitty,

As far as toys are concerned, cats love to chase after things. Mine really love those little fur mice with the leather tails, a small piece of paper balled up that they can bat around, shoe laces to chase after (but make sure to cut off the hard part on the end), little balls that you can throw and they chase after, long wands with feathers on the end, long wands with a long piece of material attached to it (forget what they are called - wait - I think they're called "cat teasers"?) but you will be able to tell.

They also love to play under the sheets chasing after that unseen finger that they can hear moving around.

But you will quickly learn what toy your kitty loves best. At the same time, they do like variety when playing.

And as everyone else here has mentioned, your kitty will let you know when & how he wants affection.

He might rub against your leg, sit on top of your desk while you're on the computer, he might want to help you write that check he might rub his nose against your hand, or give your hand a little lick. He might give you "kisses". He might meow in a certain way letting you know he wants lovin or playin time.

So glad you're enjoying him.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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Thats great, I really appreciate all the useful input and advice provided. I'm enjoying following all the other threads for extra tips. Thanks again...
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Your post was just so sweet! I just had to comment on that!

I wanted to add also - many cats enjoyed being brushed.
I zoom groom my kitty each evening when I get is our "quality" reacquaint time after she's been alone all day. The zoom groom is quick but she purrs for a long time after!

Overall, cats are content and secure within a routine. Consider incorporating a routine with him, including the playtime and/or brushing.
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It's so nice to hear someone else express the same wonder I feel at how close you can become to a pet! It really has been a revelation for me, as well.

Since you're in England, I want to mention the very best toy I've ever found for our six kitties. It's made by a British company called Jolly Moggie, and it looks like some sort of cartoonish tiger or leopard bouncing on a cord from a short wand.

What makes it irresistible to our cats is the little sound it makes when it bounces -- a chirping noise that brings them all running at once! Our youngest, six-month-old St. John, has completely dismembered a green one and is now starting on an orange tiger-striped one. He rips 'em apart, I stitch 'em back together, he rips 'em apart... :-)

Here in the States, I bought ours at a PetSmart... but since it's a UK company, I imagine you can find them just as easily where you are.
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The one toy I think my cats couldn't live without is "Da Bird." (Yes, that's the name of it). Others have mentioned the kitty teasers where there's a feather or other toy on the end of a stick, well this it what Da Bird is, but when you swirl the feather through the air, it whistles like a real bird flying past. My cats GO NUTS for this toy, and they really get a good cardiovascular workout from it!
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Cats are so cool, because if you genuinely love them, they are intuitive enough to pick up on that, and feel it from you. The other thing I love about cats, is it takes so little to really make them happy, although most cat owners who love their kitties do go above and beyond their cat's expectations!

Physical needs of cats:
*Medical care.
*A quality grains (or few), high protein from a good MEAT source, preferably canned.
*Fresh water at all times.
*A clean litter box, that is scooped out daily, and changed 1-2 times a week fully.
*A scratching post...they NEED to scratch, to work those shoulder muscles.

Emotional/Mental needs of cats:
*Stimulation...they need to play and exercise. Toys are important, and interactive playtime with YOU is even more beneficial, at least for an hour a day.
*Affection...whether the cat accepts affection on your terms, or on his own, they need chin rubs, belly rubs (if they like those), and lots of pets. Some cats will let you initiate affection, and others prefer to come to you when they want some lovin'. Talk to your kitty. Tell your kitty how beautiful you think he is...keep your lap vacant so he can curl up when he needs to.
*Socialization...I do feel that cats need exposure to a wide variety of people. Children, older adults, females, males, etc. This ultimately should be done when a kitten is between 8-12 weeks...I feel that this is as important to cats as it is for dogs.

This is basically what it takes to make a cat happy. Some require more, some less...
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Originally Posted by Shanynne View Post
shoe laces to chase after (but make sure to cut off the hard part on the end),
Extreme Kitty Lover
I would just caution you to put the shoe laces away after each play session. Cats are not always wise enough to not eat ribbon, string or shoe laces and there is always the chance these materials will wrap themselves around the intestines and cause a slow, painful death if not diagnosed properly or surgery if you do get a proper diagnosis.

I'm very careful about leaving these sorts of articles around and also twist ties.
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