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Could it be the food??

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I have a total of seven cats. One has had a urinary tract infection (female) off and on for the past four months or so with just recently having struvite crystals. She has been switched to royal Canin S/O wet and dry.

Fast forward to a few days ago....another one of my cats had urinated on my son's coat. Urine sample was obtained by us that night and taken to the vet the next day...results? urinary infection....

I am feeding what is supposed to be a great food in Natural Balance..and am getting ready to switch back to Chicken Soup as I had no probelms on that food. Could it be tha Natural Balance causing these infections? Other suggestions? Also, there are several bowls of water on each level of our house to encourage as much drinking as they can take.
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Zoey & Saki were both on Nutro when they each had an infection and crystal problems. When I inquired about the food to my vet (I blamed the food) she told me that it is not actually the food itself but how certain kinds of food reaction with different cats bodies'.
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If memeory serves NB is out of the range of UTI health... that is not to say it caused it but it is not formulated specifically to avoid it ...

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Are these all dry foods? If they are, it may help to feed some wet food as well.
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The Natural Balance is all dry...the Chicken Soup is dry, also. I have picky eaters that won't tough the wet food, but I also have a garbage gut that will eat anything.

I'll try to get some wet food in there, too, as long as I can keep her from eating it all.
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The NB, like sharky said, it out of range for UTI health. Damita was eating it & has an extremely high urine pH.
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I know it is fish based but most I wont eat canned kitties will eat meow mix pouches... also the new shebas are decent quality and tasty
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The urine sample that I took to the vet on Saturday, had a very high pH, also. I'm hoping that with a switch of food, things will calm down a bit here...I'll add in some wet food also., and maybe try the Transfer Factor.
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