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I almost hit someone!!!

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I was leaving a parking lot to go to school tonight.

I looked cars, no people (well more concerned with people since I was turning right)

I looked to the left: cars, but no people.

So I waited, glanced to the right again, no people. I look left and I could see the an opening or the end of the traffic line. Waited waited...I begin to pull out and *Poof!* People magically appeared right in front of my car.

Now this is in the part of town that I just hate being in (my hometown too). People are just plain old mean and rude. anyhoo, of course they start screaming at me. I didn't get the bird, but the husband was waving his hand in the air at me (probably some cultural way of flicking me off).
I did yell I'm sorry...but it wasn't until I was halfway to school that I realised I didn't ask if she was OK. Well I did eye them as they walked away (to see if they were going to take my license plate or not) and the woman was walking fine.

Ughh..I understand pedestrians have the right of way, but they just make me so nervous!!!
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Awwww I'm so sorry.Just be thankful you DIDN'T hit anyone!!!
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I'm glad no one was hurt. Yes pedestrians do have the right away, but I think that they need to take a greater responsibility for their saftey by watching for cars and not stepping out infront of them.
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Once when I was pulling out of my driveway I almost hit a jogger. I live on sort of a rural road, and there are bushes at the end of my driveway. I checked both directions, didn't see anybody, started to pull out, only to see a jogger pop out from behind the bush. I slammed on the breaks and avoided hitting him. But he had the nerve to come up to my window and yell at me. HE was the one running on the wrong side of the street, not to mention he wasn't out in view where a driver could see him he was behind the bushes.

Another time I was driving in the city, and a teenager on a bike crashed into the side of my stopped car He just bounced onto the hood, got up, looked embarrased, and then rode off. I opened the window to ask if he was okay but he wouldn't answer. I think he was too embarassed to speak to me
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A pedestrian really needs to be watchful of where they are. There are many unattentive drivers out there....I'm not saying you are one, but we've all seen them on the road. What if that had been a teenager on their cell phone in your place? They likely would've hit the woman!
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Its the same here too. Its like people think they are covered in some sort of force field and you can't hit them. Hello people, you are a 150lb piece of flesh, and I am a 2 ton piece of metal. In a collision, which will come out alive??
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Some people shouldn't be walking-or driving! Even tho its the drivers responsiblity to watch out for the peds- the people walking around should also be just as cautious! They should just be thankful that you saw them and was able to steer clear or hitting them.
At least no one was hurt- sending many to you tonight!
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They do have the right of way, but should still look where their going..No driver is perfect all the time. No worries, I'm sure alot of us have had close calls...

One time I was reversing out of a spot at the movie theatre, and I was hovering the gas instead of the brake, and saw a pedestrian passing behind my car, and I floored it instead of braked OMG, I didn't hit her, but she gave me a look of steel. It was pretty scary its funny.
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I almost ran over someone the other night too. I mean wearing black (ALL BLACK) and walking in the dark at least make sure the driver stops befor you cross the street.

Your not the only one girl, it happens to all of us. You can only be the best driver you can be.
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People do that here all the time. Oh and my big pet peeve is when people cross right in the middle of the darn road....and look at you like Dude duh your supposed to stop. Uh No i am sorry when i am going down and there are no cross walks, no lights and you just plop out in the middle of the road.....your luck i dont hit you. grr
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Awww thanks guys

I'm less shook up now, I was just extra cautious driving home from campus

*look right* "OK Jen, no pedestrians, no cars"
*looks left* "No pedestrians, no cars"
*looks right* "Still no pedestrians, still no cars....FLOOR IT BEFORE ONE POPS OUT!!"
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When we were driving home Saturday night, someone was running across the highway (I think their car broke down in the left shoulder). Kind of unnerved us and then when we got home, we found out that a teenager was hit and killed on another highway down south. There was no way the drivers could have seen this kid.

I always assume that drivers backing out cannot see me. I will wait until I make eye-contact before going behind any car.
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I had a similar thing happen a few weeks ago. I looked and looked and looked - then all the sudden, there were people right in front of me! It scared the daylights out of me. I don't know where they came from; I'm a very aware driver so it really freaked me out. I'm glad that yours was just a close call. I bet you're still tense!
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