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Neighbors' Cats Roaming

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My neighbor's 4 cats keep visiting my house. I notified him that his cats are constantly over here but he doesn't seem to care. I can't afford to care for them. My family has 5 cats of our own. My neighbor doesn't seem to care much about them. He's gone most of the time because of work. Three appear to be adult males and one is an adult female. They are a little wild, but not uncatchable. What should I do with them? Any suggestions?
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Are they fixed? if nothing else i would try to make sure female is spayed but if all are ixed let them be provided they are being fed/not to thin. I moved into a city and it had at time one female and some males-now have a couple litters and its getting out of control. so best to catch it early. If not fixed many shelters and even some vets do reduced/free spays/neuters(if going to a reg vet mention it is a stray)
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If they are cared for properly by the owner then you dont need to care for them.

The only thing you can do is say you dont want the cats on your property, and hopefully the owner will figure out something.

Ok lets say the cats are taken care of, but not fixed, it's not illegal to keep an intact cat, so there's not much you can do except let the owner know about fixing cats.

My neighbors cats come in my yard sometimes and they are very well cared for and fixed, I dont mind if they stop by, i'm just a few houses down and they dont cross any roads just go through my backyard.

If they are neglected then you can report him or if he doesnt want the cats you can see if anyone wants them.
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The males aren't fixed. They must be on the prowl because one of them looks like it's been in a fight. I'm not sure about the female. I haven't seen her in a couple of days. I really don't want to have to pay for the spay/neuter. They are thin and seem very hungry so I have given them some food, which is probably why they prefer my house. I guess I will call around to see what my options are.
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I totally understand not wanting to pay for someone else's animals!!!!

But our policy (mine and hubby's) is to trap and have fixed any cat that is on our property. We could care less if the owners want the cat(s) spayed or neutered. If they felt strongly about it, they shouldn't let the cats out to begin with.

You can click on the SaveSamoa image in my signature line to help search for low-cost spay/neuter services. You can then go to the owners with that information. If they're unreceptive, make the rounds of the neighbors to take up a collection after you find out how much it will cost to have all of them fixed. Just let everyone know that they are just four cats now - but come Spring it with just one female in the bunch it may be nine. And if the Toms get any females you don't see pregnant, than number could easily more than double.

Besides - this also provides the service of educating your neighbors about the importance of spaying and neutering all animals.

If you want to go to your neighbors armed with info about spaying and neutering (has SO many health and behavior benefits (apart from just eliminating unwanted, homeless cats) - it eliminates the risk of certain types of cancer, eliminates most fighting, eliminates spraying, eliminates wailing and noise - and the list goes on....), you can use this link to print out info on it: http://www.cvm.umn.edu/vmc/forclient...rbenefits.html

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