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China via Kitty Litter....Help!

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Russell's an indoor cat and knows how to use kitty litter and all that. There's just one tiny problem, when he goes, he insists on digging to the point where most of the kitty litter ends up out of the tray. And after Russell's finished, he covers it up and more kitty litter ends up out of the tray.

It's been suggested to get a bigger tray but I'd thought I'd mention it here before going out and getting one. I could just end up with a mountain of kitty litter everywhere. :tounge2:

I'm using kitty litter that's made out of recycled paper that's paper like. They have a website if you haven't heard of it before. http://www.fibrecycle.com.au
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Have you tried a large covered litterbox? Tiri is a digger and the large covered box took care of the worst of the litter ending up all over the floor.
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Some people with diggers suggest getting a plastic storage container, like Rubbermaid from someplace like Wal Mart. Cut a hole in the side, or even the top for Russel to enter and exit. When he digs, the container is big enough that it won't end up outside the box. Easy to clean, too - just take the top off and scoop and/or dump. (It is also a lot cheaper than getting one of the big litterboxes )

Just wanted to add, I have both a covered and a large uncovered litterbox. The cover makes all the difference in the world for keeping the litter IN the box.
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Alf is another one who uses his huge paddle-like paws to throw the litter over his shoulder all over the kitchen (deep sigh). I've tried an enormous tray - he just chucks it further. I've tried enclosing it - he didn't like the covered / enclosed tray and complained loudly. Luckily he "goes" outside during the summertime (i.e. less wet weather), but I do just have to put up with litter all over the place - I don't want to tell him off for "going" in the right place. I do sometimes, though, have to remind him to stop trying to dig to Australia after he has been.....

If you do find a solution, please let me know.
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I should have said this in my initial post, but I have one who throws the litter, and one who things that if she scratches the side of the covered box, or the floor in front of the uncovered box, that will do the trick. Trent is my China digger, though. He has managed to completely clear one corner of the litterbox of litter to pile it up elsewhere in the box.
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Yay!!! I'm not the only one with a cat convinced that digging will ensure free entry into another country. ^_^ Well I will try a covered litter tray thingamajiggy. I'm thinking....well truth be told...silently praying that it will solve the problem. Russell does like boxes and does play in them...*fingers crossed*

Now I just gotta go find one. :tounge2:
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