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You know in you heart is something needs to be checked out by your vet.
If Willow is not back to normal right away...
I would take her in for a complete work up just to be safe.

After all, your vet may need to make a car payment.

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Originally Posted by Willowsmom2007 View Post
She has been eating on her own since last night! we have food on a plate on the dresser she lays next to and she's been getting up and eating it!
and she also drank water on her own. She hasn't went to the bathroom today though.
Some great news there! I bet she'll be using the litter box any time now!
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She has been using the litter box going poop and pee and has been eating and drinking on her own. But still has been puking a little.

She puked this white stuff yesterday and threw up this morning..

But other then that she has been active.

She only has taken 2 poops and a couple pees in 7 days.
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2 poops in 7 days is not really normal. She should have a healthy bowel movement once a day or once every two days at the least. And the fact that she's throwing up white suff is rather concerning. Maybe you should take her in for a checkup or at least call the vet and ask them what they think.
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Maybe to help Willow finish her up-chucking.. collect some different grasses from outside, wash the blades and see if she'll eat them?

or you can get the special 'grow your own' indoor cat grasses that come with it's own little box (you know, like the ones you see in those health drink kiosks, the wheatgrass supplement?) like that but for kitties... of course, it won't help straight away... but you never know when she'll want it..

She may just have an irritated stomach lining and needs to get rid of the irritant but it's not coming out...

It's just a thought anyway..

and the 'white stuff' is it like a big load of fine air bubbles? or is it milk consistency? If it's a load of very small fine airbubbles, it could look white.. like froth and it would be a stomach irritant... Lone used to get them a lot until I got her a load of grasses when I notice her start doing her special hairball gag motion... so she now just chews some grass and pukes right up...
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