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How bad is human food.....

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Just wondering how bad it is for them? My Precious and Mandarin Orange like to share our meats with us at supper time. Usually chicken or beef. I usually give them. I have a soft spot for Precious, she sits like a gofer and meows so sadly and then looks at me with those big eyes (different colors) I just have to give her a treat. And well then Mandarin comes along and well he just has to have some too.
Also Mandarin likes to have pieces of potato when I'm peeling them for supper.

I'm a softie when it comes to the cats....I'm thinking my kids wish they were the cats...

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not a problem provided the meats arent cured ( ie bacon ) or seasoned with onion or garlic

if not giving as part of the diet make sure it is no more than 10%
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Dino loves any human foods, he will eat raw & cooked chicken, raw & cooked minced meat. He also loves a nibble on cooked egg whites. Dont worry he only gets these treats maybe twice a week
Princess Pepsi loves prawns, raw - particularly the heads
Miss Moofs turns her nose up at anything except cat food
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Our cats and dogs have always gotten some kind of people food - limited amount. They have their normal dog/cat food but do get a few bites of shredded chicken, hamburger, scrambled eggs, etc. Even some vegies at times. I just make sure they do not get onions and a few other "dangerous" foods.

As long as they are healthy, eat their normal cat/dog food without fuss - the occasional people food is fine. Also do not give a lot of spicy foods.
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I give Peaches and Jazzy a little chicken or fish sometimes. But I make sure it isn't salted.
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I'm quite strict on this- I tend to know what the cats should and shouldn't eat but tend to avoid giving any food we have cooked as it only encourages Radar to misbehave
That said I did give Radar some of some fish I got from the local fish & chip shop and both of us agreed that it was not good
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I think it depends on what kind of "people food" it is. A few bites of plain meat is fine, as is an occasional bit of cheese or spoonful of yogurt. One of my cats loves crackers and chips - I try not to let her have those. She also likes olives and tomato sauce. Strange cat.
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We're not giving the kittens any human food until they are a year old, but I think my dad has cheated on that a few times... The girls like chicken and turkey, so they'll get bits of those every now and then.

We used to have an old cat named Zeebo who loved noodles in any form! Plain, lasagna, etc. That was bizarre!
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My vet says that "people food" that is healthy for people (aside from the obvious already mentioned dangerous ones) is perfectly fine for our pets...in moderation. My german shepard mix, Pooch, is allergic to dyes and preservatives so he can't have dog treats. As suggested by my vet, he gets brocolli, carrots, apples, bannanas, boiled chicken etc for treats instead. As long as you don't give them too much, and you give them the right kinds of food, I think its fine.
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Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your response. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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