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Jack's back! (JoJo, too!)

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So, although I have been taking photos of JoJo and Jack I haven't been putting them up... I have also been nursing my hand, which I sprained right after Christmas... going nuts here because of not working (when you work retail, and your hand gets hurt, you stop working)... but should be able to go back next week. Anyway... I have finally gotten around to uploading a few recent pics...

I will say now that I did NOT set this up... I just walked into the living room and found her here...


And then Jack's latest favorite perch... I have two shaped bean bags for movie nights... well, I have little storage space, so I turned one over and stacked it in the other... Jack has claimed it as HIS spot.

and a video of his being cute... long (a touch over two minutes) but he's such a wiggle kitty... this is him 'being cute. Yes, that's me baby-talking to him...

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Great pics, are you going to get him his own wolf blanket?
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Nope... she has to share with me... I've had friends want to steal that blanket from me (fellow wolf lovers) and I have to hide it when I know they're visiting... but my own Princess Cat? sheesh... now, she almost never hangs out on the couch if I'm not sitting on it... she has two chairs and the bed (when her cubes are on it) ... she'll come running when she hears the TV turn on... because she knows that's when Meowmy is more willing to share her lap with JoJo...

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Jack rolling around in that video looks & acts so much like my Damita!! It's sooo cute!!! JoJo is soooo pretty!!! I just love the white on her chin!!!
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Awww-its so great to see new photos of them, they are still looking as cute as ever! Thanks for posting new pics of your sweet babies!
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Awesome red kitty! Jack's purrty, too!
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aww............kitties doing what they do best - chillin
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Awww it's great to see new pics of your sweeties. They're adorable!
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what cuties, those are such great pics, I cant wait to see more :
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