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How to find Cat Show?

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Can someone tell me how to find out when and where any cats shows are in my area? (richmond, virginia)

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Look at the TICA, CFA, and ACFA websites. They should have show schedules posted. The ACFA website is, CFA is, and TICA is

The websites aren't exactly user-friendly, but if you're patient and click on enough links, you'll eventually find the schedule!
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Just check the show calendar at the association's website:




I know there are nearby shows in and around Richmond - I used to live in Baltimore
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There you go! I need to bookmark those sites. It always takes me forever to find the links from the main site!
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Thanks! I will check them all. I'm excited about going to one as soon as its here. Are there any differences in the different associations or will they all be showing the same types of cats? Thank you!
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CFA doesn't recognize any of the breeds will wild cat blood in them (bengals, etc.) - otherwise they pretty much have the same breeds of cats
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