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Barbaro Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

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I just heard on the news that Barbaro was euthanized by his owners this morning. They made this difficult decision because of another major setback that this amazing horse suffered over the weekend. My prayers go out to his owners, trainers and all the people who worked so hard to make this horse healthy.
Now he is running freely across the fields and will be joining all of our friends who have crossed before him.
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Run fast and free at the Rainbow Bridge, beautiful boy.
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RIP Barbaro.
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Run Barbaro, run!
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I have a Granddaughter who rescues, rehabilitates, then re-homes injured or unwanted race horses.
It is a cruel industry.
The horses suffer terribly.

Prance in the fields at the Bridge Barbaro.
RIP sweet prince.
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RIP Sweet Barbaro, look for all the other horses in Heaven and run free, you are painfree now.
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Very sad news but I'm so proud of the owners of this horse as they have given such a positive image to the racing industry
Run free...
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Barbaro, how beautiful you were. You were so proud, so fast. Your coat shone so bright, you were just beautiful.

You fought for your life with every ounce of strength that you had, as befitting a champion. Rest in peace now, pain free.
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Oh how terribly sad! I watched the race he was injured in, and was so rooting for him to pull through! Poor brave soul - race swiftly across the bridge!
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This morning there was a clamor among the residents of the Rainbow Bridge. There were hushed words about a new arrival who was coming to join them shortly and they all gathered eagerly at the Bridge to see who their new guest would be.

"I hope that he's another dog. We always have room for another dog." A goldenLabrador said.
"I hope that he's another kitty."
"Or maybe even a bird, a lizard, or a fish!" The others chimed in.

Patiently the RB residents waited. There was a light fog covering the ground, even though it was beginning to lift they still couldn't see across to the other side. Soon they could hear the sound of footsteps stepping on the Bridge. Heavy footsteps, not the soft tap of small paws. Through the mist a tall, dark shape was starting to take form. The residents lined up along either side of the bridge to greet their new arrival. Slowly the figure in the mist began to emerge and all of the Rainbow creatures gasped in wonder, the birds took to the air and sang. The newcommer stepped off of the Bridge and walked between the rows of cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, lizards and all of the other beloved and forgotten animals that have come before. The birds flew over head and they all gathered around to welcome the young, vibrant horse that stood among them, his beautiful coat glistening in the morning sun. Barbaro has finally come, to run and prance free from pain and suffering, to gallop swiftly over green fields where his spirit will be free forever.

Rest in peace, Barbaro.
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I am so sorry to hear that, but I know that Barbaro is now racing across the bridge, and he is not hurting anymore.
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Such a beautifule horse. Yes, he is running free and like the wind now.
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RIP Sweet Barbaro. I'm so sorry on behalf of my species that you had to die for a race, even if your people were better than the average horseracers stepped up and did what they could for you You were one beautiful creature.
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You were so brave, Barbaro.

Rest in peace.
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That is so sad. I have never understood horse racing and never will.

Poor Barbaro. May you be happy and run like the wind on the RB.

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Such a beautiful young horse. Run free like the wind now brave Barbaro. Be free of your pain and suffering. R.I.P.
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RIP sweet Barbaro!! You will never suffer again, run and be free sweet boy!
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I was so upset when I heard that Barbaro had been euthanized. He had so many people pulling for him; such a sad, sad ending. What a horrible decision for his owners.

Essayons89, your post telling of Barbaro's arrival at the RB was beautiful--you had me crying.
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Barbaro: have fun racing at the Bridge. Now you don't need to worry about breaking a leg.
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Enjoy your time at the bridge, Barbaro.
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God bless Barbaro. He fought the fight as best he could and is now in a good place. I admire Barbaro for putting up the fight.

Run free!
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Barbaro was, indeed, a beautiful and gallant creature. He endured a lot of procedures, and all of us “horse people†(especially) were hoping all odds could be overcome. Unfortunately, a horse isn’t designed to live without four sufficiently strong legs/feet. I only hope the equine veterinary world was able to advance their knowledge through his suffering. Perhaps similar odds can be overcome in the future.

Run free, Barbaro. Rest in peace.
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There was a wonderful cartoon on the computer which showed Barbaro in a field and he was running and the thought balloon said "I CAN RUN! I CAN RUN"!
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RIP Barbaro. Such a beautiful creature and he's playing happily and running free without pain now
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