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Ear mites?

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Hi, I just adopted a 4 month old kitten from the shelter, and they told me that she has ear mites. Since I have another cat at home, I decided to keep them separated until the ear mites are treated. So my new kitten, Ginger is in my office, and doesn't have any contact with my other cat, other than their paws under the door. Do you think that my other cat, (Felix), will still need to be treated? Can ear mites be transmitted to Felix from my clothes? Ginger is going to the vet tomorrow for her check-up, and I am wondering if I should bring Felix now too. Thanks for any help

This is Ginger:
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I think the life cycle for ear mites is 21 days? A simple treatment of Revolution for both of them should work.
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I'm not sure about the ear mites but I had to say Ginger is a very beautiful looking cat!!!
Well ok most cats are absolutely adorable but Ginger just looks so cute sitting like that. :o)
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Ginger is adorable! Congrats.

I would treat them both then you don't have to worry about them passing them back and forth.
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Thanks everyone She is such a sweetie, I love her so much already!
I will use the revolution on both of my cats just to be sure to get rid of the problem.
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I second the revolution. Also keep some Q-tips or cotton swabs on hand to clean her ears on a fairly regular basis
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