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Do you go out for breakfast??

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Yesterday morning we went out for breakfast. It was a a mom and pop place I wanted to try. So much food!!! Neil's omlet was a 5 eggs, plus hash browns and 2 pancakes. I had a frittata than had hash browns on the bottom and a side of two pancakes. The thing was 8" across!! I took most home and reheated part of breakfast this morning.
Where do you like to do our for breakfast and what do you order??
We usually go to Perkins and I always order one of their omlets and have the pancakes!! But I like to try different places too.
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I LOVE to go out for breakfast, unfortunately I work early everyday, so I never get too I love Bob Evans' sausage gravy and biscuits
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I LOVE going out for breakfast!
I love Perkins breakfast, in fact- whenever I go there, I always get it! My favorite is the Tremendous Twelve!
I can eat it all, yes, yes I can!
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I never go out for breakfast. I'm typically not up early enough to eat it!!! Although Perkin's has all day I'm sure I could get one sometime!
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We never go out for breakfast much....maybe only 2-3 times a year if that. When we do go it's usually Ihop,Perkins, or McDonalds- but we never really go. When we do go-it's normally to Perkins- my brother-in-law's dad works for the corporate office here and is forever getting free cupons and things like that-so we all go together as a family when we do go. I normally make everything at home- i make homemade French Toast, eggs, toast, have cereal or fruit- things like that. We rarely ever do sausage or bacon eithor since it's so fattening- but when we do- i always use Turkey Bacon- it's yummy!
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I go out for breakfast a lot on the weekends. It's a lot cheaper than dinner. Usually Bob Evans. I used to go to Perkins but I don't live close to one anymore.
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I love going out for Breakfast! Best meal to dine out to imo
I got lucky- theres a Denny's in Edmonton! (I know you Americans are probably sick of Dennys, but it was a real treat for us when we went down shopping, so Im excited to have one close by!) I think the best breakfasts always come from those "mom and pop" type places....
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We never go to breakfast unless we are on vacation, our favorite place to go is in Gatlinburg, TN to The Pancake Pantry I have never tasted pancakes so good in my life..I think it's actually the syrup oh MY it is so GOOD.
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Normally in to much chaos to breakfast out - throwing food down cats and kids!!! Sometimes go out over the weekend though - occasionally Mc Donalds for pancakes, or to the local supermarket cafe for their full English Breakfast!
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I don't go out for breakfast, not in a long time anyway. The last time I remember would have been around 1999 and it was a McDonalds DriveThru

I very rarely even eat breakfast though, so that is probably the major reason why I don't eat breakfast out
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We never get out of the house early enough to think of breakfast. Sadly, I've clipped coupons for a buy one get one free breakfast entree at this nice restaurant down the street THREE times now and still have yet to use it before it expires.

When I do out for breakfast I love scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage patties smothered in jelly, and hashbrowns. Oh geez... now I'm hungry.
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I never go out for breakfast. I'm not really a big breakfast eatter
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I love going out for breakfast but we usually only do it 4 or 5 times a year
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DH and I usually sleep too late to actually go for breakfast at breakfast time. But latley I'm craving IHOP like crazy. We have a Denny's too, but it's yucky! I never used to like most breakfast foods, but man IHOP has been sooooo goood! I like having breakfast foods for brunch or dinner!
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no, I am not big on breakfast foods but I do go out for lunch or dinner.
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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE going out for breakfast!! I never get to go anymore...noone to go with Me and my ex would go every weekend.
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I love to go out for breakfast!

When I was living in the states, hubby and I would go to this greasy spoon - it had the BEST breakfasts in town - the staff were so nice, it was cheap and they cooked the food just the way we liked it - I always had the bacon, with sunny side eggs and the home fries. I miss homefries!

Here, there is this lovely restaurant that hubby and I go to sometimes for breakfast, or I go there with my workmates if I am not in a class - they make a mean eggs benedict! I remember the first day I went there - I bumped into an old friend of mine that I had been wondering ever since she went to live with her aunt after her mum died. Now I know where to find her.
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Jerry would want to go out to breakfast everyday if I would let him! He just loves breakfast foods! Once in a while, we'll go out and I always get my two eggs, over easy, bacon and some juice. I love the hashbrowns, but since dieting, I try to stay away from them.....
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