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I can't get stressed...

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I work from home, and some days like today are pretty hectic in the e-mail exchanges. But today I can't seem to get stressed. Cairo has plopped her little warm, furry, purring body into my lap. It's so theraputic that I'm able to respond to my normally stressful e-mails with a smile on my face. I love my cats!

That's all. I just had to reverse vent.
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Hehe it's amazing what an effect they can have. And so toasty too! No need for slippers or a hotwater bottle
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I think working from home rules.

You get all the comforts from your cats and the home atmosphere.
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Reverse vent - I like that!

I love it when I have a cat on my lap, but with Peedoodle, my legs die because he is so heavy!

And he does that every time I sit down. Hes so sweet.

Kahu comes up to me for some loving, I love it when he does that cos hes normally the shyer one.
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Ya know I heard once that most people would be happier to be at work and willing to work longer if they could have their pets with them. I know I'd love to have Mooch and Noodles to liven things up at the office!
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You should keep her there while you work everyday. You'll completely relieve all your stress.
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