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PetSpa USA

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Has anyone seen this? www.petspausa.com

I saw a video of it and to me it seems really cruel. As you can see the cat is not happy to be in there at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15bwhVxw-Bg I know I wouldn't want to put Reeses in it.
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OMG that cat in the youtube video looked like it was going to have a heartattack. That poor thing. Why didn't they stop it when the cat started freaking out like that? That looks like cruelty in my book. I can't imagine any cat liking this contraption. Thier locked in a scary box, with water shooting at them in all directions. Stress free my ass.

Maybe I could see a dog being okay with it, but most cats would hate that. Bean allows me to bathe him just fine, but if I ever did that to him I think he would disown me
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I can only begin imagine what would happen if I were to put any of my 3 in there.

I don't really know any cats that would just sit there and take that. It has to be so traumatic to be shoved in a box and pummelled with water.
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Some cats don't mind water. Reeses puts pieces of her food in her water bowl and then fishes them out. I was trying to put her water bowl on the floor the other morning and she was underneath it and because I only had one hand I had a hard time putting it down. I wound up dumping most of it on her and she didn't even flinch But, she would hate being confined like that I'm sure.

Who usually gives their cat a full bath anyway?
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My cats would hate it!! Literally..

You might as well stick them a washing machine.. It's about the same purpose....

I can't even imagine a dog would like it.. Dogs like to be washing becuase they get loved on by someone,, not because of the water.... That's just another lazy, senseless invention we don't need.
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I have a 2 cat's, Maury my Himalayan and Streaks a Silverhaired tabby. Maury loves swimming, whenever me and my friends get in the pool he is known to come join us. He has also been known to jump into the showers while my family is using them But Streaks HATES water! He can't even get near the sound of it.
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