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I just wanted to post this picture. Its of my best friends sweet little girl Spring! (I am hoping to get her to join TCS soon she said she wanted to! )

She gives the best headbutts!! And she won't let you ignore her! I love her to death!
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Spring what a gorgeous little girl you are I hope we see more of her soon
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The sad thing is she was abused before my friend got her although you would never now it from her personality! She loves everyone. Someone cut here ear of (that wasn't from TNR)
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She's so cute- I just love black cats!
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Spring is so pretty, Bless her heart how could someone hurt her
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It makes me happy that Spring has found a good loving home after going through that. She sounds like a sweetheart.
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Awww...hi cutie!
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Awwwwwwwww Spring you pretty girl, Im so glad you found someone to love and trust again.
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She's so pretty I can kind of see some tabby stripes on her legs in that picture what neat markings
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What a gorgeous lil girl Spring is!!! I cannot believe that someone would cut off the tip of her ear!!!! Some people....
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