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Did anyone who used Turbo Tax get their return approved insanely fast this year? My IRS return was approved within 3 or 4 hours, and my state was approved in less than 24. Now if only the refund were that fast Last year they changed the date I was supposed to get the IRS refund a few times.
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I have none of my tax stuff yet!
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I got my w2 but questioning unemployment...if anyone knows answer please inform me lol....I got the thing from unemployment(NJ) and it has just one copy(says copy b) do i just write down for federal tax what they payed or do they still have to send me something...i really want to claim fed cause getting a couple hundred back(spay money lol
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Have all the W2's but still waiting on the mortage statement. At least this year DH is working for an honest company. Last year we recvd 3 completely different W2's from the same company for the same time period. I am still fighting that one out wiht IRS.
Now I just have to get cracking on all the recpts and stuff and get it to our tax lady.
I wish I could figure a way to deduct vet bills When Boots rode with us on the 18Wheeler we could deduct part of his expenses because he was a burglar alarm, but none of the current brat pack ride on the truck.
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I take it back... I got my current job's W2 yesterday and apparently my previous job's W2 got mailed to the wrong address so hopefully I'll get it by next week or sooner. Yay!
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I got my W2 a couple of weeks ago but I didn't file yet. I'm still waiting for this tax thing from when I cashed out a mutual fund early last year. I have to pay taxes on that money.
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