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Can't sleep..

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I have tried everything.. I hate that charlie is working nights thank god we only have 2 weeks left of this. i have taken a hot bath, sipped hot tea, read, meditated even put on the shirt he was wearing before work and i still cant even doze off. an suggestions i havent tried yet.
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I use melatonin when I canÒ€ℒt fall asleep, and it usually works pretty fast for me.
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You and me both. It's 2am here. Going try to sleep. I know it will take an hour to fall asleep and by then the kitties will be knocking at the door to come in & feeding at 4:30.
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I want to go to sleep, but I'm worried about Neffie. She is all alone in the computer room and I hear her crying but I can't really do anything about it short of sleeping in here with her. I wish she'd settle down and go to sleep. She's so attention starved. I feel terrible for her and angry that my best friend could've put her in that situation for so long. But since she wouldn't let anyone near her, I guess I can't be to angry, just irritated. I wish she'd have let me take her sooner. Oh well, Neffie is with me and as soon as possible, I'll be taking her to the vets to get her a checkup and all her shots.
Well since I have to get up at 8 I better go and try to sleep.
Good night all!
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I cant sleep, well i want to sleep but its now 3:11 am here and i just got off the phone, Its so funny that once i am ready for bed everyone started calling me, my brother called about Comcast well Adelphia and the switch (we havent seen results yet) and one of my best friends, I figured she would call tonite or tomarrow when she got a chance (shes a new mom)
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I hope your sleeping now..??
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I hope you all got some sleep!!
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I finally fell asleep around 3:30 cst but had horrible dreams about people close to me dying i woke up several times crying and today as i left work my best friend from texas called me (shes like my sister) and said her grandma passed away earlier today she asked me if i had any dreams cause that always happens to me ( i hate it) i almost fell down the stairs at work i just kinda collapsed about halfway down. she was such a sweet lady and treated me and my kids like we were her own family every since i had met her ( i was in 5th grade) im such a wreck good thing tomorrow is my day off.
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about an hour after I made my post last nite i was out cold but i will probly post here later, because i wont be able to sleep, and my mom wants me to go to work with her idk y but hey hopefully i make some money so hopefully i can sleep but I am so wired right now its 1030 but thats still early for me I hope everyone else slept good last nite
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I know I don't sleep well when DH is gone. There was one night when he was at a hockey game, I was wide-awake but about 2 minutes after he was home, I was sound asleep.
So sweet dreams tonight and think happy thoughts. Before you go to sleep think of 10 things that you are thankful for.
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The past week has been horrible. I've barely gotten any sleep. I don't know why.. I slept fine before.
I fall asleep soon after I get in bed, but I wake up an hour or so later and then am up until about an hour before I have to get up.

I've done alot of work today, so maybe that'll work, if not I am going to slowly go nuts.

Hope everyone else gets a good nights sleep!
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Oh man! We're going through the same thing right now! I feel for you Colin was working the B shift for quite a while now- it's supposed to be his permenant shift (he's a cop) but now they've changed him to midnights and he's abosoultely going crazy!! When he started training a year ago....they had him work all 3 shifts (a,b,and c) for a few weeks at a time then assigned them. The A shift is 6:30-2:30, B 2:30-10:30 (but since it's the busiest shift- there were tons of nights he wouldn't get home till after 11....but it's his favorite shift because they get the most action.) and the C shift is 10:30-6:30....Well,..they had some screwups on C shift that they are about to fire- but they wanted to make sure they had all of their ducks in a row- so they've switched them to B shift (the most active one- to get a better chance at watching them "screw up" so to speak so that they have evidence to fire them.) So in the mean time- they switched some of the screw ups to B shift and the good officers like Colin to C shift. It's supposed to just be temporary but we don't know for how long. So two days this week he worked the C shift. / And now get this- they just got their new radar equipment in this week (all cops must be radar certified- it's a 3 day class) so the class is for all of them from 8:00-2:00pm something now- so for today, tomorrow, and wednesday- they've switched his sleep schedule yet again!then after that straight to midnights on thrs!!!! We're soooooo frusterated! Because not only does it affect his sleep schedule- it also keeps me up too and i don't sleep well without him. / Here's what we've done though and it does help- we went to wal-mart and got Window Tint (the kind for trucks/cars) and put it on all the windows in the room (looks less tacky than people who put aluminum foil and stuff on there to darken it.) then we got Black out curtains (beige one- they actually look really nice in our room.) and we already had blinds- so with the tint, blinds, and curtains- he can sleep a bit better without all the light comming in. (he's super sensitive to light and can't sleep well with any in the room). Also- if i have to go to bed and he's not home- i try and drink a little hot caffine free tea first- it makes me sleepy. Then i let Fosters (our dog) sleep with me too / It helps a bit- but i still don't sleep well without him Also- try not to watch tv or get on the net right before bed- the glare/light from the screens confuses your brain with the signals it sends and makes you think it's daytime. So try to read a magazine or book instead until you get tired. Also- working out a few hours before bed time helps too. Don't take baths/showers right before bed- because the heat increases your heart rate and makes it harder to fall asleep. Also -try spraying some lavender oil or spray on your pillows and sheets at night to help you sleep. I feel you're pain- i'm going through the same thing too
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