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How's this for a cool mix? :)

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I was reading another thread and came across a poster who is feeding her kitties a mix of three different dry foods (CS, Innova & Nutro something, I think)...and that got me to thinking.

As some of you know, I had to add dry food back into my kittens' diet 'cause they were still growing, but were losing body mass. Well, the research that I've done to pick their dry food is darn near paralyzing: how about this one, it's got lots of protein? or this one, everyone likes it? well, this one's less expensive.... but this one's UTI health certified.... and on and on....(I have two different spreadsheets created to capture all this info; one for prices at the various vendors and the other a side by side analysis of the main ingredients and percentages of protein, etc. for about seven different wet and dry foods, each. *sigh* Sick, I know, I'm thinking about therapy, but the research to pick a doctor...arghhhh!!!!!)

I'd pretty much narrowed it down to my favorite three by yesterday, but couldn't decide between them, so, guess what.... I'm going to feed ALL THREE!!!! No decisions needed!! Yeah!!!

Starting tomorrow, their dry food will include Innova Evo (this is what they'd been eating), Nutro Max Kitten Roasted Chicken (they totally dig this stuff - ate a whole right through the bag in about ten minutes flat this evening, the little beasties!) and Royal Canin (if they like it - I'll be picking some up after work).

Hmm, I feel kinda relaxed and relieved all of a sudden.
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If you need therpy what s that mean I need..lmao... Intresting mix
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That sounds like a good mix to me. Ever since I got my guys off the cheapie bad food I've often had two or three brands mixed together.

With the exception of the RC SO vet prescription that is mixed in right now they've always seemed to enjoy the variety.
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