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2 year old Cat Peeing on everthing... NEED HELP

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Ok guys i need help ASAP. We have had this cat since she was about 1 year old, she is now about 2 1/2 years old. about 3-4 months ago we got a kitten. Ever since we have had the kitten Shadow (cat in question) has been peeing on everything in site but her litter box. We have kept the box clean, cleaning every spot that she has peed on with bleach to kill any smell/bactira. But still we will come home and find new placed. The couch, our clothes, the carpet... She is 100% health, gets all the love and attion she wants but we cant get this problem to stop. WE ARE AT OUR WITTS END. I'm hoping you guys can give me some help because its getting to the point where we might have to give her up. Please any ideas will help. (no negitive comments please)
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Have you taken your cat to the vet to be checked for a Urinary Tract Infection?

If not, that should be your first step.

Cats have pretty sensitive systems and the introduction of a new cat in the house could have been upsetting enough to cause an infection to set in. When they have a UTI then they associate the pain of relieving themselves with the litter or litterbox, etc., so they will go anywhere else hoping not to feel that pain anymore.

As far as cleaning, you will need to find a good enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the odors. Bleach won't do it. Even if you can't smell where they went, they can. There are several good cleaners out there. I have some Natures Miracle here, but I've read of some even better cleaners here.

I think if you get your kitty to the vet you will find the root of your problem.

Good Luck!
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I would get an extra litter box. She might like sharing.

And since you don't want neg comments, I won't say anything about you possibly getting rid of a cat you have had 1.5 yrs who has a behavioral problem that could be caused by a urinary track infection..
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I agree with the above posters - first thing to do is take her to a vet to see if she has a UTI. If that's clear then you need to look to the litter box. Do you just have the 1 box? It's generally accepted that the number of boxes you need = the no of cats +1. I'd add at least one more box, possibly 2. The third thing to look at is stress. Since this started after you got the kitten it's very possible it's a stress response to the new arrival. Do you have feliway? If not try getting a feliway diffuser as that may help reduce the stress. Rescue remedy can also help.
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Yes, I agree too. I would get her checked for UTI ASAP and set up 3 litterboxes if you haven't already.

I've been told not to use bleach, as I understand it a chemical reaction takes place that actually makes the pee smell stronger (to the cat, at least).
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My best friend had a cat who got a UTI everytime they had out of town company- just the stress of strange people in her house overnight was enough to set it off . I'd definitely get her checked for that, if you haven't already. I also have a cat who pees on stuff when she gets stressed out about other cats using her litter box (they found her new one recently, coupled with a UTI in 2 of them, has made for laundry day loads being sorted into "whites, colors, darks, CAT PEE..."!

Someone suggested mixing Dreft (a clothes detergent for babies, if you have it where you are) and water and spraying it where they peed, so I sprayed my stuff (including bathroom rugs) with Simple Solution enzyme cleaner, washed it with Tide and Oxiclean, then rewashed them in the Dreft, and everything smells great! I also used the suggestion to mix water and vinegar and spray it on the rugs, etc. where they were peeing, and it would deter them from doing it again. 4 days so far, and no problems.

Good luck!
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How were the 2 cats introduced? You might have to back up and separate them and re-introduce them slowly. If you only have one litter pan, get 2 (and maybe put them in different areas.

The one that is peeing elsewhere needs to be temporary confined where the litter pan is to make sure they are using it properly.

Are both cats neutered/spayed? If not, get them done now.
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Sounds like a UTI to me. My cat peed on everything when she had a UTI... she peed a lot and everywhere. Not a large amount, but all the time. They'll take a urine sample from her at the vet, then give her some pills. Simple, easy to fix.
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Vet check is first! If clean bill of health, she may be showing her disapproval of the new kitten. It would be sad to give her up, she probably feels put out, if this is the case, already, as if she is being punished.
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