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Just the perk up I needed!

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My best friend, who just had the baby the other day, just called me from the other side of the world! I haven't heard her voice since September when she moved.

At first I didn't answer because it was a really odd number, but when she started to leave a message I picked up right away! I had a thought it might be her and it was!

We just talked for about the last half hour and it was just so wonderful I could cry! I got to hear all about my new niece and ask all those personal questions best friends can ask each other! I'm soooooo happy!

I am not typically a showy emotional person at all. But with all the ups and downs the last week or two, I'm a wreck! My niece is absolutely 'perfect' from what I hear. She's got her father's temper and her mother's high maintenance personality! Oh and she looks like her Mama! What a good end to my weekend! And to make going to work easier tomorrow, she said she will be e-mailing out pictures today!
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That's wonderful news! It must've been so difficult when she moved so far away! I hope the pics make tomorrow a good day for you!!!

If it makes you feel any better, my emotions have been up & down all week. I've been happy one moment & sad the next. It seems to have been a very stressful week for many....
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It was difficult. We met in the 10th grade but didn't become friends till the 11th. But we became best friends really fast. We were eachothers maids of honor and all that too. Our friendship changed after our marriages and starting careers and what not, but it's always been there. I was devestated when I learned she was going to move. Then especially when she found out she was pregnant. But it all works out. I thank God we live in a time when there is e-mail and what not to help us keep in touch ya know?
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