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Do cats know our

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Work schedules? The reason I ask is I normally work from 2pm -10pm and then I am home with my girls for the night. But last night they asked me to work the midshift of 10-6 instead because one of their girls quit. Well I hadn't worked that shift in a long time. But I said yes I was sick and I figured it would be a bit easier on me. Well dad said last night Tavia didn't stay in my bed like normal she sat in the living room crying for me and watching for me to get home. And I feel so bad that my little girl missed me. But normally when I am at work she just takes a nap and maybe eats a bite and rests in the laundry room and on my bed. She just didn't last night and I think she was confused because I wasn't at home by bedtime like normal.
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Yes I think they do. Puff even looked like he was trying to open the door one Mom said when I wiggled the door knob and it was locked puff put his paws around it like he was trying ot open it for me.
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Aww that's sweet. Tavia doesn't do that mostly because the dogs stay in her way but she will sit in a window and watch me when I get home and she starts meowing at me the minute I get through petting the dogs, they are right at the door bombarding me and she doesn't like all the commotion. But once I am home she has to have her loving. And then she has to get on top of me once I lay down to go to sleep. This afternoon I woke up and she was laying on one side of me, Macy was on the other side and Lilly was at the side of my hip all three keeping me warm. But if I am home she stays pretty close to me although normally not in my lap.
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Yes, they pretty much know when you're there and gone. If I'm home for the day at a normal time (by 6 pm) whitey will be asleep by the back door. Otherwise if I'm later because of class, he'll move somewhere else (he doesn't like NOT to be without attention.
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Yeah, the babies get used to our schedules and our moods. When mum goes to work or out jasmine spends the day staring out the window waiting for her to come back and when i come home Charlie is always waiting for me. Apparently when im not over at Tristans Cleo spends a bit wandering around the house trying to find me and cuddles up in the doona because it has my scent, but she doesn't do it when im there.

Cats are so intelligent
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Cats are creatures of routine and they know what should be happening at each hour of the day, especially if it involves feeding them!
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I think they do..if you usually work the same hours. I'm not sure if know whats going on when the weekend comes..but I'm sure they known generally when you leave and come home. Trout seems to be waiting for me when I get in from work.
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I think that fuzzy pretty much knows when I am coming home or just knows the sound of my car because he is always on the arm of the couch by the front door looking at the door when I come in. He usually meowsss to greet me.
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Well I work weekends too so that doesn't really count with me. But I have a certain schedule in that I work four days on and two off and I work 2-10 and when I get home I am immediately greeted by all of the girls including Tavia.
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I think they do. Duke and Sibohan always wait for me by the door at 5:00 they hear my keys jinggleing in my pocket and start meowing when I get off the elevator. I don't get the same reception if I come home for lunch, it's not that I always come home for lunch so the cats don't expect me and keep sleeping.
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I think if you have a steady schedule it's easy for them to learn it. But if your like me and your schedule is always changing, they don't really seem to learn, they adjust to it.
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Yes- i think they do (dogs and rabbits as well- mine seem to know just like the kitties do) They are creatures of habit and get used to a certain routine. Mine know the minute that i hit the door that "mommy's home!" and it's time for dinner
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Awwww - poor sweeties!

If you normally keep a regular schedule, they totally know it! We keep really odd hours that frequently change, so we keep our kitties on their toes.

Nice to know how much they love and miss you - but hard to know they're missing you!

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oh yes, i think they do. when my DH takes the day off, he says raven goes and waits by the door for me about 30 minutes to an hour before i get home. he just stares at the door and occasionally meows. he doesn't do that for DH when i'm off though.
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