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Can't stop crying....

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Found out 1 of my close childhood friends died this morning!!


Can't imagine what his wife and family must be going through. Pls include them in ur thoughts and prayers...............

I really want to fly out to attend his funeral (either colorado or utah) but the prob is that I live in MD. I'll have to check with airlines to see how much it'd cost. ..

Last time I saw him was int he summertime when he visited the universit I work at. we had a short chat... (sorryu about typos- spike insists on kneading onmy arm as i ty[e this) Looking back, i wish i kept in touch wwith him more often..

He was only 32!!!!!!!
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Oh Pamela, I am so sorry. Your friend is in my thoughts as are you.
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Oh no, I am so sorry. How sad
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I'm very sorry to hear this, my prayers are with you, and his family
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What a terrible loss you and his family will be in my prayers
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Awe, I'm so sorry for you loss! You and his family are also in my prayers.
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So sorry this is so tragic, my prayers are with you and his family.
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I'll keep you and his family in my thoughts and prayers.
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You & his family are in my prayers.
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Thanks u guys...

Apparently what happened was early this morning he was at top of a canyon or something getting ready to do ice climbing (one of his passions) with a partner. Reid decided to go to the edge of the cliff/canyon to look down before he start putting ice climbing equipment on. He slipped on ice and fell down over 170 feet. He was killed instantly...........That helps somewhat to know that he didn't suffer. Also, I think this is probably the way he would've wanted to die- doing something he loved..

I can't imagine how his partner JJ must've felt. Especially when he had to get help-it must have been so frustrating for him to try to communicate with the rescuers (Reid and his friend were deaf) so the rescuers had to find someone who knew sign language to communicate with JJ.

I have soo many memories of him.. His sense of humor, kindness and loyalty.

I remember once, I got saran (see through) wrap, candy, shredded papers ..an I dumped shredded papers with candy inside the car then wrapped the saran wrap around his car.

He told me later it took him over an hour to be able to open the car doors cuz I wrapped it so tightly in many layers... He was LATE to work.. He didn't get mad at me... He laughed... I'll miss him...
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Pam... It sounds like you have so many good memories of your friend and of your friendship...hold on to those always and cherish them. My good thoughts and prayers are with you...

Hilda >^..^<
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Pam, he died doing what he loved!!
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Oh I'm so so so so sorry to hear this! Many hugs headed your way. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and for Reid's family.

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I am sending prayers to JJ too, how terrible he must feel. He had to be so frustrated trying to help Reid and because he was hearing impaired he couldn't as well as he probably would have liked. It is very hard for them to communicate unless you know a little sign.
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How horrible! My thoughts are with you.
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I am so, so, sorry.
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Here's some pictures from a camping trip we took with some friends a couple years ago...To show you what he is like.

One early morning, he and some other guy friends snuck up to our tent, pulled the zipper up while we were sleeping peacefully then started squirting silly string all over us. It was a NICE way to wake up!

We were constantly playing pranks on each other.

He is always looking for a challenge and would do crazy things just to get a thrill.. In the top picture on this page, Reid was the one in front of us laying down. I was wearing the mickey mouse swimsuit- what a DORK I was!

As you see, he loved to take risks. I remember we tried to stop him from jumping because we were worried he'd hit some rocks but he kept saying it'd be fine... He was such a daredevil.....

I hope to see you again someday on the other side. Reid, rest in peace. I will never never never never forget you, your cute smile and all the memories of growing up together!
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I just saw this on the news. Such a sad thing to happen.
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Pamela, my thoughts are with you and Reid's family tonight. Many to you.
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That's so sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and his many friends and family.
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I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and his family and all of his friends.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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My condolences on your sad loss - you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. May he rest in peace.
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Still sending prayers and hugs from Mississsippi for this man and his family, and I am sending some more your way too.

One thing I am glad for is at least he was doing something he loved when he left this earth.
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It's never easy to hear that a contemporary passes on.
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I'm soo sorry to hear that I will keep you and your friends family in my prayers.
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I'm soo sorry for this loss.. AT least he was doing what he loved... There has to be comfort in this terrible situation...
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Oh there is just so much sadness happening!

I am SO sorry about your friend!

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures. You obviously have many deeply fond memories of your friend.

You, Reid, and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Pam, so sorry to hear of this sudden and tragic death. May god be with all of you at this time. Many HUGS for you!!
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