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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
When Doves Cry
Purple Rain
Darling Nikki
Red Corvette
Raspberry Beret
Lets Go Crazy

Diamonds and Pearls
Get Off

Should I go on?.........
Great songs! I just watched him on the halftime show - he was amazing!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Great songs! I just watched him on the halftime show - he was amazing!
I thought so too! I loved the stage!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I thought so too! I loved the stage!
Same here! I was a little concerned about all that rain falling though - although Purple Rain was very appropriate!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Same here! I was a little concerned about all that rain falling though - although Purple Rain was very appropriate!
I was on the phone w/ my Mom, Aunt & Grandma, and my Grandma kept thinking he was gonna fall! My Grandpa was NOT impressed w/ Prince
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My mom LOVES Prince!
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I'm not very familiar with his newer stuff, but I love the older stuff. In fact, while at my friend's house today for the game I borrowed The Hits 1 & 2 so I could add them to my iPod.
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I DID but not any more.. Sorry
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My favorite Prince song is without a doubt "Purple Rain" That song rocks!!!
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I love the older stuff. I really thought he was going to slip or those two ladies dancing were. The show was great!
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Prince was awesome this sunday! I too was concerned about the rain and all the electrical stuff associated with a concert puurrrformance...but he pulled it off!...I was really glad when he pulled off that Aunt-Jemima-looking headwrap...he as lovely hair! I guess maybe because of the rain or something. Anyway...yeah, he was grrrreat! Quite a guitarist too! You know, I don't know how many of you remember Little Richard in his younger days. You know, the guy who sings on some of those Geico commercials where they have a regular person and a celebrity? Anyway, Prince has reminded me of a young Little Richard at times.

Here's a pic of Little Richard that I think is very Prince-like...

Hilda >^..^<
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I went to see him in 1984 - developed a crush on him after seeing Purple Rain - watched the halftime show last night and rocked out (but thought his voice just didn't cut it anymore unless he was singing pure falsetto.)

The Purple Rain album is one of my all time faves, even if it is (GASP!) over 20 years old!

I stopped following his career, though, after he changed his name to the symbol.
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I love Prince but his preformance was lack luster last night
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That's funny Hilda, we were talking about the Aunt Jemima scarf and comparing him to Little Richard too.

I thought he did a good job, although I would have changed a couple of the songs. (not Purple Rain!)
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There's nothing like a live puurrformance for me though! As much as I love the puurrrfection of a cd...when you get to hear/see something you love puurrrformed live...its magical! I've always loved Purple Rain...and last night's puurrformance just gave me chills...still getting them writing about it.

Hilda >^..^<
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I have always liked Prince's music. His influences in music are so varied, including what you have all said with Little Richard.

I thought the halftime show was very good. The song selections were very good and I liked the marching band stuff. Starting off with "Lets Go Crazy" was cool. "Purple Rain" was great with the rain coming down.

When I was watching it, I didn't think Prince was playing the guitar. Did anyone else think that? Nobody was talking about it and I mentioned it to my mom tonight and she thought the same thing. They didn't show the band too much and I was looking to see if there was guitar player playing instead of Prince. I think some of it was "canned"., well not maybe canned, but someone else "in the wings" playing guitar.

Not to put Prince down at all... I thought it was a good show, and he is a very good guitar player, but I don't think he was playing last night.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Ok- seriously, how many people listen to his music?

I am always getting picked on for listening to his songs (the older ones), but I can't help it- they are great songs to rock out to in the car when your by yourself!

So be honest people- who listens to him? I cannot be the only person on TCS that likes him
I do listen to his old music... I didnt think last nights performance was that great tho.
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Well when I/you consider the conditions that he was playing in...I mean that downpour y'all...I think he did just fine ...probably better than fine. I'd love to see some of today's popular artists do so well in similar situations.

Hilda >^..^<
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I like some of his music but i wasn't impressed with the
half time show at all
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I wonder if some people thought he wasn't playing because he took his picking hand off the guitar. I guess it might 'look' like he wasn't playing...but he was fingering the song at that time...showing off that he doesn't need to pick it to play it! Genius!

I wonder also if another reason might be that some of the selections he played weren't his own songs. I heard Jimi Hendrix ''All Along The Watchtower'' in the mix and I might have heard ''The Wind Cries Mary'' as well in Prince's Hendrix tribute that night.

Even though I haven't followed Prince in a long time...I was reeeeally impressed. I'd heard rumours that on some of his older albums as well as on some of his famous videos, its Prince who is playing all of the instruments in all the songs...the band was just more for show than anything. Don't know if that's true or not but I've also read that he can play pretty much any and every instrument.

The guy is genius...musical genius.

Hilda >^..^<
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psst dont tell anyone,
how i never or will never buy a prince CD. Years ago i talked into going to see a show.
i was like please, i dont want like prince i dont want to see him. But, i got dragged along(kicking and screaming i may add, the things men do for GF)

Any almost 4 hours later(yes the show was that long) i left going oh my god, that guy can play music. How i still dont like his CDs i would jump at a chance to see him live again.
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I've never been a fan of Prince. *ducks flying objects*

That said, he's had some good songs throughout his career. He's gifted musician (excellent guitar player) and a good showman as well. I saw some of the clips of his halftime performance at the Super Bowl. I thought he did a good rendition of the Jimi Hendrix classic All Along The Watchtower, it had quite the "bluesy" feel to it.
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Kenz, I was thinking of you last night! I was watching Purple Rain on tivo!
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