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Update On Arek

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Having gone back and forth about whether to send Arek to a new home or not, I decided that I needed to hear a voice of reason from someone who was familiar with Arek's personality and could offer some objective advice. So early last week, I called the woman who had been helping us with him and told her what was going on. After hearing more about how he'd been doing here, and after hearing more about the would-be adopter's home situation, she strongly suggested that we allow Arek to go to the home we found for him. She felt that he would simply do better in a more quiet household without other cats. So after discussing it with my husband, I called the would-be adopter back and let her know what the behaviorist said and told her that if she still wanted Arek, I wanted her to have him. The next day found me crying in my husbands arms practicaly dialing her phone number to tell her I'd changed my mind. But my husband (who said I was thinking with my heart rather than my head - and was absolutely right) would not let me call her. Ultimately, I'm glad that he didn't, because she called me today with an update and I’m in shock….

Arek's new owner says that he has been purring almost non stop since coming to her home, he’s head-butting and rubbing himself against everything in her house and he follows her everywhere. I asked her if he’s letting her pet him and she said “Oh yes!†and told me how he would walk directly in front of her and then plop down for a belly rub

I can hardly believe it!!! It’s like he's a completely different cat! I’m so thrilled for him, and yet so sad at the same time. I wish so badly that we could have helped him when he was here. I wish so badly that WE could have been the perfect home for him. But I’m really happy that he’s where he needs to be and now I KNOW that I did the right thing. That was what I was most afraid of - that I would send him to another home and he wouldn't act any differently with her than he did with me. But he's done a complete turn about and so I know that I did the right thing. She’s going to be sending me pictures soon, and I’ll post them whenever they come.

Thanks, everyone, for being there for us during this horribly difficult decision. I’m glad, at least, that in the end we really DID do what was best for him.
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I am so glad that Arek is doing so well in his new home. I know how sad you are right now so I am sending you some hugs from Mississippi.

But I also can tell that you are happy too that he is doing so good. I know that you know you did the right thing for Arek.

Please keep us updated on how he is doing.
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I was thinking about PMing you to ask if you had come to a decision, but didn't. I am so happy to hear that Arek is doing so well in her home! I know how difficult that decision was for you, but now you can think about how happy Arek is in his new home....with a loving meowmy!
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I'm very proud of you for making that decision. You did what was best for him, and it seems he's very happy. You can always still visit him right?
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Awww...I know it was hard for you from reading your posts. But at least hearing her report you know you did the right thing for Arek.

Keep us up to date!!!
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How wonderful for Arek! As hard as it is to let him go, it turned out to be the right thing.
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I am so glad he is flourishing in his new home, it must give you some peace of mind. Bless you
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Thank you for your kindness and true love of Arek by letting him go
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I'm glad he is doing so well.You made the right choice for all of you.
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Sometimes it is so hard to do what you know is right. But I am so pleased for Arek that it is working out
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