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Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee (9-29-94) *sniff*

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In just a few days, it will be 8 long years since i lost my sweet black and white cat with the gorgeous green eyes we named Sara Lee.

My sister found her under her shed- she was so dirty she was grey, she was just skin and bones, and yet she was trying to nurse her litter of 4 kittens.

She was very sick, and her kittens had to be taken from her for her to get well, but she cried and cried for her babies and searched everywhere for her.

My sister named her Sara in honor of another mother who was desperately missing her child.

I gave her the middle name of Lee, my sister's middle name, in honor of my sister who routinely rescues strays, takes them to the vet, cleans them up and gets them healthy and then finds homes for them.

She asked me to cat sit for her (i wasn't allowed to have cats at the time) and when she came back to pick up Sara, i said, uh-uh, sorry,this cat has claimed me as her own!
i fell head over heals in love with her!!

Her belly practically dragged on the ground, it was so stretched out from having litters of kittens, and when she walked, it would sway from side to side. i guess most folks would find that unattractive, but it was one of the things i loved about her- reminded me of her feirce devotion to her kittens.

She was so grateful to have a warm place to sleep, food on a regular basis, and some catnip from time to time. She really didn't ask for much at all, and the smallest thing made her happy.

Because of the stress of having been a stray plus all those litters, she got sick, had extremely unstable diabetes and eventually her kidneys and other organ systems began to fail.

i had to make the heartwrenching decision to let her go.

The last memory i have of her as still-in-ok-health, was when we were both getting up in the morning and walking quickly but quietly to the back of the house where i had hung bird feeders, because just after dawn, the back porch would be flooded with birds-
and Sara would trot along beside me, looking up at me expectantly, as we went to see the birds-
she'd sit and chirrup and chirrup, so happy...
oh, i miss her so much!!
what a cat! what a wonderful wonderful cat!
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Purrsite. What a wonderful story of your babe Sarah Lee. She certainly deserved all the love and comfort your showered on her.
God bless you for taking her in.

I can picture her runing beside you to stalk the birds. It is a lovery emory for you.
God bless........
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And what a wonderful tribute you just wrote! I was so touched by her love for her kittens, and loved the story about bird watching! Isn't it great that you have these fond memories? I'm glad Sara found a mommy like you, someone who gave her love and time in her retirement years. She sounds like a wonderful pet. Thank you for telling us about her, and bless you for remembering this anniversary.
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Indeed, what a lovely tribute you wrote for your sweet mama-cat. Thank you for sharing your memories of her with us. You definitely were her angel, her guardian, and her friend.
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Thank you all for your kind words.
you know, i had to move about 3 mos. after Sara died, and i was so worried that she would not be able to find the new home- i guess i couldn't believe that she was really gone, and not just "lost" .
i continued to think that i saw her out of the corner of my eye, for many years afterwards, and even now, i sometimes hear her distinctive "mew".

She would lay down under my arm and put her head up on my shoulder, so that if i turned my head, i would be nose to nose with her

it took me 5 years before i could even consider getting another cat, and it took me another 2 years to get over the disappointment that my new cat is not Sara....
(i had worried that if i got another cat, i would not be able to love her as much as i love Sara, but i did/do love Kali, just in a different way. i did realize, though, that there were times when i was a little frustrated that Kali did not do the things that Sara always had)
i love Kali and appreciate all the unique things about her, but i will always have a special place in my heart for Sara.

<even my nephews, who are not really "into" animals- and who never get "mushy"!! they have very fond memories of this cat and get a bit emotional talking about her>

thanks again- i am sure if you'd met her, you'd see why i loved her so much- afterall, "nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"
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You will never feel that exact way about another cat, but you will have a special bond with another pet. Sometimes these furry "soulmates" take a while to find us. Sometimes they're cats, and sometimes dogs, but they find us eventually. You'll love your other pets very much, and enjoy them, but you had something special with Sara Lee. You'll have that special relationship again, but I don't know when. Enjoy every one you have until she shows up. We have them for such a short time.
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Oh this is so very sad. You loved Sara Lee so much. It is hard to accept they are gone, no matter how much time goes by. My heart goes out to you. You have posted a wonderful tribute to her memory. *hugs*
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