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Danger - much cute-ness!!

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I was having a sort out of photographs and I came across the three little men's bay photos - these are from when Max and Paddy (littler brothers)were two weeks old, and Ben, who is their cousin, was two weeks old. You forget things - how tiny they are - how blue their eyes are, and how they fit into the palm of your hand...................I am in serious danger of wanting more kitty babies!!!
(don't think the boys would allow it though!!!)

Max - '"Yes - remember this face well - I am going to destroy everything in my path!!!)

Paddy - Dear little blue eyed baby - he still has the soft pink around his lips as well, 18 months later

Ben - this photo sends me into fits of laughter - I love the way that Crystal (that's Mummy) had lined them all up -they looked like little kitty sausages in a pan!! Ben - the odd one out with his black and white sisters!

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Aw they are sooo cute!!
Is Max a poly??
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Oh my they are just too cute for words
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How adorable! I just love kitties!
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
Is Max a poly??
He isn't a poly- but I had never noticed that in the photograph until you pointed that out - it was just the markings on his feet - he has little stripey toes - but he really looks like he has extra toes in this pic - how strange!!
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aww, way too cute, look at those ' innocent' kitty face - yeah right
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Oh my goodness, just what i needed to see What little cherubs they are
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They're so cute! I just want to eat them...... not literally. The ones in the back look like they're just lining up for their photo shoot session.
post #9 of 12 cute!!!!! I love kitties. Why can't they stay that small?
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They're adorable!!!!!!!!!! Can I have all of them?
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4 little piggies in a row. How cute. Ben has alternating b/w on his one paw. It plays tricks on the eye & I keep thinking he has more toes than he does.
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Awww... They grow up so quickly though

I think I might be going soft in my old age- perhaps I should go to a less cute website to have it beaten out of me
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