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THE Dress (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

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Well, I've got the pictures uploaded, and here it is: My Wedding Gown!!

Hooray! (I apologize in advance that I look like heck...I've had this nasty cold virus happening )

We decided on the fingertip veil I'm wearing in all the other shots, but here's the dress with the long flowy one

That's me and my mom (on my right), my two aunts and my best friend Cheryl (who's also the MOH)
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That is a beautiful dress, you look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's a beautiful dress, and you look wonderful in it! I love all the little flowery details. Congratulations!
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Very, very pretty.....Congratulations
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Wowza! That's gorgeous, congrats on finding it!
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Very Lovely and I am sure everything will be Beautiful
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WOW! You are absolutely stunning in that beautiful dress!
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That is such a lovely dress...and you look soooo happy!


Hilda >^..^<
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Wow!! that's awesome!! It's a gorgeous dress and you look beautiful in it
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Wow, it is beautiful And you look gorgeous
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Very pretty dress! You look beautiful for having a virus thingy. LoL
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Girl, that's so beautiful! It looks fabulous on you!!!!
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Wow!!! Absolutely stunning - what a gorgeous gown - you look like a total princess!!
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That dress is AMAZING!! It looks so perfect on you....that's most definately the best choice for your wedding!!!!
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STUNNING! Your going to be a beautiful bride, Allie
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It's gorgeous and you look beautiful in it
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You look beautiful - the dress does too.
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Gorgeous! I love the beading on the bodice part. You have a glow in those photos.
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Lovely dress and Ali if that is you not looking good your ready for modeling
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Beautiful dress, beautiful bride. Congrats, Allie!
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Your dress is beautiful
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That is an absolutely STUNNING dress!!!! Congratulations on finding it... I know you're excited beyond words!
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Wow that dress looks stunning on you When is the wedding?
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It's absolutely beautiful! It looks like it was made for you. Esp with how the fabric just flows so gracefully, like music (another reason it's perfect for you!).

Off the subject....why do I always think you are a blond? (no jokes intended) I mean seriously, I always picture you with blond hair for some reason. I tried the shampoo you said you use in a thread a while back because of your shade of brown (which sounds similar to mine) and all that. Did you ever dye your hair or anything and post a pic?
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OH MY GOSH! That is SUCH a stunning gown! Talk about finding the perfect dress!
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Congrats on the dress

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Sorry im so late to the thread, but what a beautiful dress! I'm envious
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Beautiful dress! Wishing you all the best
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oh wow! that dress is gorgeous!!! you are such a pretty bride!!!!!!
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