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I did it!!

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I posted earlier this week about the rug I got for free... (It's gorgeous) but it smelled horribly! After steam cleaning it about 4-6 times, hanging it outside and spraying it with vinegar water, letting it air out, and getting rained on 3-4 times... IT DOESN'T STINK ANYMORE!
So I brought it in the house, put carpet deoderizer on it, vacuumed it and sprayed it with Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer (Orchard Garden Scent) and it's like BRAND NEW!

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Woo-Hoo! I guess the rug wasn't "free" was it? All's prolly still a steal!
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Lets hope it stays that way!!!
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That's great. THat carpet is very nice!
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Way to go to you, Shopping Queen
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I am glad you finally got it clean.

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Here's what it looks like... It came SOOOOOOO clean!

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You made it look like brand new! Looks great!

Who would have known you got it at a yard sale?
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Well done! I think I would have given up by now.
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i am so glad u got the smell out lets hope it stays that way that rug is gorgeous too, we have one just like that but its more red, it has red, blue, and idk what else colors but it looks so much like urs, and we got ours at the flea market but u did such a good job it looks great
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You sure worked hard on it but I can see why. It's beautiful!
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Thats awesome- good for you!
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That's great Alicia
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Woot!! Yay, non stinky rug
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Good job on such a great find. My DH bought a trailor much like that! Got that think back in order and like new!
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Thanks you guys!

It makes my living room so much more cozy!
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That's a really great looking rug. I'm glad you managed to get that smell out of it.
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lovely rug and GREAT JOB
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I'm glad it worked!!! Now, no stinky rug.
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