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Need advise for addition to family

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Hello, I am new here. Need some advise.. I am so mixed up. We had two short hair female cats. Both indoor cats. One 13, Angel, and one 12, Mittens. At 8, Mittens was diagnosed with CRF, we saved her. The end of December she had another attack, we hospitalized her, but nothing worked. unfortunately we lost Mittens January 3. This is killing me, she was my little girl. Angel is too, but more a mommys girl.

Mittens and Angel were adopted from shelters. Angel is always the top cat and still after 12 years, still hissed at Mittens at times. They kept their distance, but sometimes played chasing each other. Sometimes Angel would attack Mittens, and sometimes Mittens attacked Angel and then took off. It was very funny to watch. They both watched out the front door and watched chipmunks on the steps. They both did eat together, and had catnip together. In the same room many times, but stayed apart.

Now 3 weeks with Mittens gone, daddy misses her terrible. I have been taking tranquilizers to help me through this. Mittens was cremated and in a marble urn in my office.

I feel bad for Angel now. When I come home from work, I can hear her calling at the top of the stairs before I even get in the house. She is extremely talkative and clingy. She sits in my lap every night when we watch TV. She knows something is different. I think she is very lonely.

What I need advise in is,, we want to give another feline a good home. Maybe a kitten or 9 month old. We were thinking of 2 kittens, but afraid Angel would hurt them. Or, would the two kittens stay away from Angel and eventually everyone become friends. Also, Angel is eating Senior Cat food and the kittens would be eating kitten food. How do we make sure Angel does not eat the kitten food. We want Angel to have some companionship.

Besides greaving for Mittens, I feel bad for Angel. She is alone all day where my wife and I work. I have been coming home early just to keep her company.

Can you please give me some advise... sorry to be so long winded, but I miss my Mittens and want to make sure my Angel stays well. In our heart of hearts,,, we want two kittens...
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I know you want kittens. But have you considered another senior cat? Angel might be more accepting of a new companion if that companion wasn't full of kitten energy. And your food problem would be solved with this arrangement.
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Although kittens may be too rambunctious for elderly cats, when I rescued 5 orphan kittens, my senior Joji tenderly accepted them. They did not bother her much because they had each other to play with and Joji being the alpha taught them early to treat her with respect.
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I think the point about an older cat versus younger kitties is valid.

It may take a while for introductions, but that is true even with kittens. Might I suggest a neutered, laidback male?

In my household I have 4 cats inside, 2 females and 2 males....all are spayed and neutered. I have fournd that introducing male cats to females is much easier than females to females. But of course, the choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, I am sure that it will work out because I really believe that your baby is lonesome and would be happy with another friend. If we can help out in anyway, just give us a holler.

Dang, where are my manners......Welcome to TheCatSite.
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I don't have much advice for you, except that an older cat may go down better than kittens with your existing cat, but just wanted to say welcome to TCS and bless you for being such a caring custodian for your cats. And also to say please be careful with the tranquilisers, they can be very addictive.
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First of all, I would like to offer my condolences on the loss of your Mittens

I've not really got any advice to give you as the others have pretty much said it all. Getting another moggy or two would be good for Angel. I suspect it would also help you get through your grieving process.
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