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Wednesday's DT

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Had to run to the Vet this morning. Lazlo had an ugly looking sore on his mouth that we noticed last night. As new cat parents we were worried. Vet doesn't think it's viral, probably a papercut from chewing. Baby tooth right next to sore is about to fall out. Keeping our eye on it!

Actually had to do some work this morning - and I haven't quite finished it yet. I'm taking a break to check in! The only luxury afforded by hubby's back surgeries has been real scaled down work load the last couple of weeks. It's all coming to an end soon...

Vet TOTALLY advised against taking "the kids" on the trip with us. If it were a couple of weeks, then.. but it's only 4 - 5 days, so.... Now Hubby's thinking of putting the whole thing off until Thanksgiving. Works for me!

Got in touch with lady to save Samoa (formerly "Osama.")!!! Spoke with the Newspaper, and left message for the Cat-victimizer. I expect a happy resolution to this problem soon (cross your fingers!).


Happy Hump Day Everyone!
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I am doing much, much better today than I was yesterday. Just actually being able to vocalize things feels like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders.

It has been wonderful fall weather here lately. Even some of the trees are starting to turn colors. I love the end of the year with all the holidays, festivities and general good feelings that come with it.

We are going to a pre-season hockey game tonight, Colorado Avalanche vs. LA King. I'm pretty excited since those are my two favorite teams, but of course I'm rooting for the Avs. :tounge2: I'm so happy hockey season is started again. It's about the best time of year for me...NASCAR is still going strong, football is on, and hockey season just started. Now I just have to juggle conflicting sports schedules.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Fall is my favorite season, too. Monday night, it got down to 36 degrees near Cleveland. I've kept my window fan on, but now snuggle under my down comforter when I sleep. I don't need much else to make me happy. They are calling for a few days in the 70's, and high 50's by the weekend. Is it apple picking time yet?
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Originally posted by valanhb
We are going to a pre-season hockey game tonight, Colorado Avalanche vs. LA King. I'm pretty excited since those are my two favorite teams, but of course I'm rooting for the Avs. :tounge2: I'm so happy hockey season is started again.
Hope everyone has a great day!
I agree!! I love hockey season, Nick is a huge Mighty Ducks fan (I'm not) Our first pre-season game was last Friday - I might add.... THE DUCKS STILL SUCK!

I'm a Red Wings and Kings fan!

It's gonna be a great year for hockey!
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...lucky you! I too am a HUGE hockey fan! I am first, and foremost, a Flyers fan! Let's Get Flyered up! But my second fave team is the Avs. I would LOVE to see them play!

Mike and I usually make about 4-5 Flyers games per year. We would like to go more often, but it gets expensive and since we re trying to save for a house...maybe only 1 or 2 games this year.

Joe Sakic! Oooh la la!

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...don't be sorry!
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This could get ugly...Avs fans and Red Wings fans on the same board?!? LOL I suppose since I already know and love you guys, I can forgive the Red Wings part... :tounge2:

Actually, I have to say, we are really lucky with being able to go to Avs games. Earl works with the VP of Promotions at the Pepsi Center for the radio show he produces, and he tries to hook us up a few times a year. We wouldn't be able to afford it any other way!

The best one, though, was the Skill Shots thing they did, kind of as a warm up to the Skill Shots thing at the All Stars game. Tickets were like $5, but it was all general admission so we ended up in like the 3rd row. The action wasn't as exciting as a game, but it was so cool to see the player that close! And it was really neat, at the end of the thing, one of my favorite players, Adam Foote came over and handed his stick over the glass to this cute little blonde girl (I mean little girl, too, maybe 7 years old).

Carla, this is getting too strange! Cats, NASCAR, and hockey, especially the Avs?!?! Too bad we live so far apart from each other. We could have some great sports parties! (Oh, and did I mention that hubby is a HUGE Star Wars fan?)
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Yes we could Heidi! Maybe if Mike and I do get to retire to Colorado, as we'd like to...we can have the parties then!

Course we'll all be drinking Geritol straight up by then! :laughing2

Here's what a Flyers nut I am...I had a Cocker Spaniel for many years named Brindy...after Rod Brind'Amour! She was black and white with a tiny little spot of orange on her face. Flyers colors!!!

AND hubby is a Star Wars fan???

You are right...this "IS" getting weird! But great!!!!
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Sorry, I just had to jump in and add my two cents...


My brother played hockey from age 6 through college, coached our high school team and his college team. I swam, so we used to joke that our family had something about water, soft or hard!
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gads, I wish I hadn't even gotten up today. Head is pounding, sick to my stomach, can't eat, can't keep anything down. I think I may have gotten food poisoning last night. Hope not, I have to start a new job on Friday. Don't want to miss my first day of work!
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I'm here, late. Had the closing shift. Its a weird week for me: off Monday & Thursday, work Friday and off this weekend. I'm not too sure what day it is.

BTW: I live in Arizona - what's "hockey"?
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LOL Cindy! Actually, you guys do have a hockey team Phoenix Coyotes, owned in part by The Great One himself, Wayne Gretzke. You can't get away from it even in the hot desert!

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When my ex moved here, from Buffalo, I thought that he was an idiot for bringing along his hockey skates. He played goalie on the fire department team. Turns out - he IS an idiot!
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