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Which would you choose?

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Ok this is kind of a hypothetical question. If you had to choose between ProPlan and Purina One (say this is the only 2 higher quality foods available) which would you choose?

And what would the reasoning be?
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not knowing the ingredients list, I'd say ProPlan is most likely better.
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ProPlan, I think I've heard it better...
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I don't recall exactly the ingredients of either but I think proplan is a more premium food with better ingredients so I'd go for that one. I think it has a higher meat content?
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One actually because it is nearly idetentical to pro plan yet costs alot less
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I switched Ox at least to Purina Naturals and he loves !!!
The others are getting Nutro Natural w/regular purine mixed in as Neil didn't know that the Purina was for my neighbor's 13 cats!!
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Hmmm...for my family it'd be Pro Plan as it has a UTI health formula that doesn't give my kitties the runs. However, ONE is more easily accesible for me & cheaper, so I don't know.

If I were just choosing based in ingredients & price, I'd go for ONE. Like Jennifer said, same ingredients...essentially...
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i would go for the Purina One based on price and ingredients, as others have mentioned. on the Yahoo Groups FLUTD group i belong to, the Purina One Urinary Health Formula is used by alot of members. one member even started on the ProPlan UT Health formula but switched. he said the difference in ingredients wasn't much and the kibble shape was smaller with One. i've also noticed ONE tends to be more available than ProPlan in my area.
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