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Kitty acne

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i've posted a few things before, and you've always been so helpful.

i have two girls, delph and josie. josie wears a collar with a name tag, but delph is allergic to the collars i've tried and gets bad kitty achne under her chin - so bad the hair falls out and it gets all scabby and painful looking.

they are both microchipped, and are inside cats, so i thought it would be ok for her not to have a collar on.

well - monday morning as i was leaving my apartment, josie pounced onto the windowsill in an attempt to get a bird just outside. she must have pounced rather hard, as she knocked the screen out of the window and actually knocked delph out the window with it (delph had been sitting on the sill). so, delph fell from the second floor window (she is ok, don't worry) and ran away. i ended up finding her about 15 minutes later and caught her, but this incident made me realize that she needs to have a collar on. otherwise, apart from the few extra pounds on her, she looks and acts like a feral cat (skittish and scared of humans when outside).

can anyone suggest a type of collar that might help? i do not believe in wearing leather, so i'd really prefer to not get a leather one. i've tried nylon ones (stretchy and non-stretchy)...i'm looking for a hemp one, and am thinking of making her a cotton one from material i'll buy.

has anyone ever had this happen to them? i'd really appreciate some advice. i was so scared that i'd never see her again (very possible, since the county i live in has an animal control for dogs, but NOT for cats, so i had nobody to call). AND, if this had happened 2 minutes later than it did, i would have been gone for the entire day. i'm not comfortable with just a microchip anymore.

steph, delph and josie.
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I'm not sure what type of material would be best, but I wanted to mention that if you do make one yourself, be sure it is a breakaway type. That way if she were to get caught up on something she would be able to get away, to protect her from predators and accidental hanging.

Also, check out www.meowhoo.com (TCS's sister site), and under Basic Pet Supplies it lists some places you can check out, as well as a category of just collars and harnesses.
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I just now saw your thread. This might be far-fetched, but I know many people can't wear anything containing metal (for example, they can't wear costume jewelery) because they have an allergic reaction to it. Maybe your cat has a similiar problem and can't wear collars because of the metal buckle. Maybe you could try either buying or making a collar that fastens with velcro, or one that fastens with something other than a metal buckle.
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thanks to everyone who replied to my question. i found a cotton collar online with a beverly hills company called catcouture...it was pricey, but well worth it, since she doesn't seem to be having any reactions to it.
i feel so much better now - next step is to get her used to having a tag on there.
steph, delph and josie
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