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New Kitty...bit me

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Hello there,
I am adopting a 2y/o Calico named Misha from a Rescue group. I haven't picked her up because she has a little cold and I have 3 y/o shorthair at home.
For the last couple of days I have gone to visit her, to get familiar with her as well let her know that I'm her new mommy.
Well, she loves being cuddled and held, and purrs non stop.
Yesterday, I picked her up and was holding her and all of a sudden she bites my hand. I dont know if was a love bite, or something else.
I'm just a little concerned because my 3 y/o is hyper and a bit aggressive. I'm just afraid Misha(new kitty) and Tito will gang up on my boyfriend and I once they get along.
Any thoughts??
Thank you...
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Was it a hard bite, or a little one?

If it was a hard bite, maybe she still hurts from the injections or medications for her cold. Maybe she got startled or frightened. After all, she's in a bad place, doesn't know who YOU are and isn't sure of anything.

If it was a little one, it may have been a love bite, but then again, you may have touched a sore area or she may have wanted you to stop petting her. Once you get her home you will be able to judge better what she wants and doesn't. You may want to make sure your children are always supervised when being with the cat until you are sure that she isn't afraid of them.
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Some cats will bite if they are 'overstimulated'. Zoey is this way.
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I'd also be concerned about the 'little cold'. Has she been tested for FELV/FIP etc.? You wouldn't want to bring anything serious home, even if the sniffles stopped for a few days.
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I wouldn't worry about it unless it was done in a hostile manner, with ears pinned back, etc. I am convinced cats bite to communicate and although it's not something to encourage, I no longer worry too much about it.
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As SicyCat and KittenKiya pointed out, it sounds like she was either overstimulated (from petting - this happens easily. The amount of petting a cat can tolerate increases with time. And many are VERY sensitive about having their stomachs petted. Some will accept a few pets on their tummies - some bite to let you know they don't want it, or have had enough). It could also have been that you touched a sore area.

Either way, it sounds to me more like it was a "communication" bite than something that was motivated by aggression.

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
And many are VERY sensitive about having their stomachs petted.
Zoey will have your head on a platter if you pet her stomach.
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Luna will bite at me if i'm bothering her but even then she seems to understand that I'm the one who feeds her and never bites too hard. Even if she's annoyed.
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There are many signals to look for in thier behavior if this happens. If it was a skin break bite, this ofcourse is not good. If it was a mouth close and hold with preasure bite, no blood, more like a warning, that usually is a "ok, thats enough petting" or " don't touch me there, I don't enjoy that" response. If you watch a cat or kitten while you are interacting with them, they almost always give several emotional reactions physically in thier disposition. Look for ear position, tail movement, eyes relaxed or more intuitive, front paws kneeding or relaxed to set or positioned, tense....
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