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The Trouble Sisters-more trouble than they're worth?

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I just realized I never posted pics of my two "newest" foster pups. I've had them for 2 weeks now & they *might* be leaving me tomorrow.

Wihtout further adeu(sp?)'s Tiffany & Trudy, the Trouble Sisters! (Sometimes I seriously wonder if these girls are more trouble that they're worth :lol)


And yes, Trudy does have black spots on her tongue!
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Aww! They're worth every minute! How sweet!
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Oh my what a couple of cutie-pies

you will be sorry to see those sweethearts go
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I wish I could foster puppies! So cute!!

I hope they get the best furever home they could ever ask for!
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Oh aren't they cute!?! I love the faces of black lab puppies, they are so mschievous looking, aren't they??
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Can I have them?
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Oh my! They are ccccuttttteee and they do look naughty! I love it!
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OMG could they be any cuter?
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Awww - what a pair of cuties!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Can I have them?
Sure! Come get them! I must forewarn you, they don't poop outside, only indoors. They also bark a lot, bite kitties, & like to lift their legs to mark things! They're girls for cripes sake! Those two were rather troublesome, especially since I didn't know how to train them out of those habits & felt I was making things worse!

They've been back at the shelter since Tuesday night. Those lil boogers, they're even happier at the shelter than they were with me! Just goes to show you how appreaciative they are.... I do miss their wiggly lil bums, though!!!
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Oh, those little pups are gorgeous This is coming from a "cat" person who didn't know she even LIKED dogs until she had to foster one at the last minute to keep her from being put down. We got her last Saturday to be a temporary foster, and after a week, she is the best thing that's happened to me in a while. She is a real doll, and we are probably going to adopt her. Your pups look a lot like mine!
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Aww, how can little lab faces not win your heart over?
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