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Sev and the Crooked teeth!

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Severino has a crooked mouth, poor thing, the owner just wanted to get rid of him so they clipped all this teeth with nail clippers...yes I said nail clippers(I found this out afterwards) so no-one could see they were crooked, not that we would have cared but anyway here is a pic finally of his crooked little mouth. This is what happens after he yawns.
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Poor little man!! I can't believe anyone could be so cruel - he is gorgeous even with his wonky teeth - he has the most beautiful eyes - they are the colour of honey!
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Boy, he looks like one happy camper!

I'm sorry that this old owners were so awful to him, but he's got a great meowmy now & he's so lucky to be with you-crooked teeth & all!
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Awwwww poor darling Severino!!! What sort of horrible person would do that to a cat????

He's such a sweetheart with his big orange eyes, I'm glad he's not too traumatised!
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He's a real beauty. His eyes are awesome! Did the previous owners make his teeth crooked, or was he born that way?
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I can't believe this was done to him poor Sev! How could anyone do this to a little kitty?!!!
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I cannot believe someone would do such an awful thing to such a beauty! His eyes are seriously the most gorgeous things I've EVER seen
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They did WHAT??? How could they??? Poor little Sev... I bet you give him extra hugs and cuddles for all that he's been through. Do his crooked teeth give him trouble when he eats?
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Thank you all, he is such a sweet loving boy, we love him, we fell in love at first sight and apparently rescued him from a crazy woman My vet is the one that noticed this, she could not understand why his teeth were all wittled down, so I called the woman and she told me what she did like it was a normal thing, because she said his baby teeth were crooked. My Vet was absolutely sick over it. Eventually Sev had to have some teeth removed because he had extra fangs. But I have been waiting to get a pic of him showing the crookedness so I could explain this to you all. I am grateful he is with us and loved like crazy and I know this is a minor thing compared to what happens to other kitties so we are very fortunate.

Also to answer Dusty'smom's question he eats slow, but when he drinks he makes a funny noise, now whether or not that has something to do with the teeth I don't know.
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Poor baby!!! Give him extra pets from his aunties!!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Sev is a sweetheart kitty. Look at those GORGEOUS eyes!!!
Helen, have you guys looked into getting Sev braces?
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Sev is a sweetheart kitty. Look at those GORGEOUS eyes!!!
Helen, have you guys looked into getting Sev braces?
Yeah, but we need help paying the Dentist bill Aunt Pam..can you make a donation??
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Poor Sev...I've never heard of anyone doing something like that to a poor kitty-man!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Yeah, but we need help paying the Dentist bill Aunt Pam..can you make a donation??
I love Sev just the way he looks and Im not saying that just because you asked me to help with his braces, I really mean it!
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Jeez :censor::censor::censor: is wrong with people??????????

I think he's beautiful and I love his eyes!
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He is gorgeous! What a character filled face!
I have to confess, the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic was the "Eye of Sauron". You better watch out - he's watching!
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I´ve never heard of this before either what on earth ???!!!! and a load of to that mental woman

Well now he has a beautiful loving mom and a fab fur-family that will always love him
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Oh dear mooficat I think I'm in love with Princess Pepsi
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OMG Helen!, that's set my teeth on edge hearing that, the poor baby Thank goodness you saved the poor little man. He looks so sweet bless him wether their crooked or not. It makes him extra special here at TCS
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Crooked teeth - so what - as long as it dosen't interfere with his health - it's just a beauty mark. He is so very handsome no matter what.

We should clip that womans teeth and see what she would say!
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Oh no...that makes me want to cry. I'm so glad he found you! Please give Sev a big hug for me!
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He's so cute!! his eyes just melt my heart that woman is a real wacko for doing that too him
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What a handsome boy, crooked teeth and all. They add character! Awww, he's such a sweetheart. Thank goodness you were there to rescue him. Bless his little heart, I bet he's a big love, knowing he's in a place where he's loved so much.
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I think his little crooked teeth are adorable! I'm one of the first in line for the Sev fan club - he's such a cutie! The fact that his teeth are crooked just add to his purrsonality.
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oh man, some people should be shot is all i can say.
he is such a great looking kitty
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Helen, that is SO cute, and SO funny to see, but poor Sevvy baby, what he had to go through..... WHAT is WRONG with people?!?!?!

Braces or not, he is still a handsome man!
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He's just so handsome, but the story behind it is so sad
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