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What do your cats do to make you laugh?

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Hi All!

I'm new here, but have been lurking for longer than I might care to admit...

My mom has always told me never to laugh at a cat because they know they're being made fun of and it'll hurt their feelings. But the other day my Pekoe fell in the toilet and I just couldn't help myself. I normally keep the toilet lid down and both my kittens like to sit up there and take a look around. I had the lid up for literally 3 minutes, and in that time Peek tried to jump up, slid off the seat and fell in getting his whole back end wet. He spend the next 15 minutes shaking himself dry (and getting my floor wet). They best part was that my other kitten Nigel had no clue what was going on and just walked around looking confused, giving Pekoe this "why are you so wet?" look.

So I want to know: what do your cats do that make you laugh?
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Almost the same thing except it was the bathtub. Persi always hung around on the edge of the tub while I was taking a bath. I always kept telling him it was slippery there and that he was going to fall in. One day the inevitible happened when he decided to chase his own tail and in he came. And out he came faster that I have ever seen an animal move before. In my case, it seemed to me that Persi was giving me dirty looks the rest of the day like he figured I had something to do with the whole affair when in fact I had been warning him...Like most things, he got over it and is once again sitting on the edge of the tub. He is a LOT bigger now though and much more likely to fall in again and I have a feeling that even though I love my cats I am going to be laughing good and hard and he will be mad at ME again!

Mabey I should not laugh; maybe that is what makes him mad?
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Ben slides a lot. His fur is so silky. He falls off of everything. The latest was last night he jumped on DH's dresser for the window but slid into the wall.
He also dives at the covers and falls right off the bed.
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Almost everything my cats do makes me laugh, but they are, after all, cute and cuddly kittens.

Allan is especially klutzy. He doesn't seem to have much common sense and is always falling off things, sliding into things, and even rolling over and off the edge of things. I'll tell him, "You're leaning too much, Allen, you're fixin' to go, you know." And he'll just look at me with those big, liquid gold eyes and lean just a little too far, and PLOOP! And I laugh every time.

He also follows the dog around to nuzzle, drool and knead in her fur; before her, it was an older male cat he was attached to. Silly kitty!

One of the funniest thing he does that makes me laugh, as well as feel particularly adored, is curling into a ball for a nap between my ankles (however short it may be) inside whatever I happen to be wearing when I, er.... visit the ladies room. I have to scoop cat before I can get redressed. *laugh*

I love all my guys equally, but there's just something goofishly sweet about Allan.

Here's a recent pic of him, snoozing on my wool coat.
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Dory is a putz & often runs into things when playing. He can literally chase his tail until he is ill. It shouldn't be funny, but as Damita has lost all her sight now she has started bonking into things every once in awhile. She has learned the word "stop" but doesn't always listen. So I'll tell her stop when she's about to walk into a wall & she doesn't listen until....bonk! Sore nose!! Twitch & Lily love to play upstairs where the entire kitchen in linoleum & their feet make obscenen noises as they wipe out on the floor!
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New too - and also seem to be stuck in the forum. I need help, get me-owt! Right now, Tips is meowing for me to tell me to come to bed. She is part Siamese, and is constantly meowing - with so much emotion too! She always makes me laugh when I talk to her and she meows back - it seriously sounds like she is saying something in English.

She is definitely the queen - she MUST have water directly from the spout, no amount of fresh water in a bowl will do for her. First thing in the morning - runs to the bathroom and practically howls until someone will turn on a faucet for her to drink from. ;-p
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lol my cats do tooo many things to make me laugh.
Zoey is a person, I swear. I have conversations with her all the time. She stares me right in my eyes and chatters to me and I just crack up. When I'm ignoring her she will sit in the kitchen and YEOWL at the top of her lungs.

Saki is my bat out of hell cat.. when he gets in his crazy indy 500 mode its the funniest thing ever. I live in a small apt and to watch him scale walls, couches, furniture is so nuts I cant help but laugh. He also meows like crazy when I get out of the shower and he has to come rub all over my face and be very affectionate. I dont know what it is about when I get out of the shower.
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My kitty loves playing football so he always grabs the ball and pokes it
The other day he was doing this and went straight into the door.
It must've hurt but it was funny
and when i have no socks on he chases my foot and ripes it up lol
Also one he trys 2 jump on my bed and fails he just falls lol
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Duke tends to sleep flat on his back with all legs strait up in the air It's crazy looking. Sibohan needs to rush into the bathroom and around the curtain every time I turn on the shower then she wonders why she gets wet.
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I am either smiling or laughing all day, it seems, with two eight-month old kittens, males, and a female adult cat. The brothers do this thing that doesn't cease to amuse me: they mirror each other. They can be sitting on opposite ends of the sofa and they lay in the exact same position! Or else they "mirror" each other and do the exact opposite. I am making a photo journal of the oddity.

They chase each other from one end of the house to the other, often up the side of a wall, since I have windows that have fabric panels up both sides floor to ceiling.

What I really love is every night when I am eating cereal, the kittens both sit as close as they possibly can to me and watch me intensely the entire time, just waiting to have a few licks of the milk at the end. They never get more than a couple of tastes of milk but they will stalk me the whole time, moving in closer and closer until their heads are IN my dish and then I push their little heads back a bit. They both have this spooky look on their faces while sitting there, and they're very quiet and still...

Oh, and of course when I go into the bathroom, at least one of them has to be in with me so that the other one is on the other side of the door so they can play with each other under the door. Or, if I happen to be in the bathroom alone I always end up seeing a little paw thrashing around at me from under the space between the door and the floor!

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My printer spits printouts out towards the front (well side for the way i'm facing it).

Anyways it really fascinates Whitey when I'm printing. He attacks the paper as the printer is printing it. It's funny to watch, but have to be careful when I'm printing out the term papers.
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All I have to do is pull out the lazer pointer toy and one of the cats is going to crack me up. They like to follow the light up walls. Koko is the funniest and never quits running after it.

Scarlett gives me a giggle every night with her bed time routine. As she walks into the bedroom, she gives out a "meowff" to announce her presence. As she leaps up to the bed she does the same. She'll pause to look around the bed to make sure we are laying in the proper places (mom on left laying on her left side and dad on right), then makes the big LEAP to jump to my left. Another meowff for me to raise the covers for her to crawl under, then deafening purrs until I quit petting her. She then meowffs to announce her movement over to hubby's side of the bed. It happens the same every single night. We usually wake up in the morning with her in between us under the covers.

Dakota gets so relaxed when we love on him that he'll fall off your lap, the chair, the cat tree, or whatever he happens to be on. We catch him, but always laugh when he hits the point of fall-off.
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I always get a good laugh when both of my cats get the kitten crazies at the same time. It's usually one and not the other but sometimes they both get them at the same time. They tear through the apartment and playfight like they did when they were kittens.
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
...He also meows like crazy when I get out of the shower and he has to come rub all over my face and be very affectionate. I dont know what it is about when I get out of the shower.

Why, like most felines, he's horrified that you've gotten yourself all wet again, so he's helping you dry off!
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Mikey always makes me laugh when I am taking a shower and he jumps on the sink looking for my hair pieces ( I have long hair and keep it tied up most of the time). He used to steal them and chew them up but then i got smart and started keeping them in the drawer. I catch him all the time and I yell "mikey no" and he looks at me...looks at the drawer....looks at me.I cant help but laugh at him as in his own way he tries to tell me what is doing. Every now and then he will get lucky if I dont close it all the way..he can squeeze his tiny paw in there and get away with it.

Stewie on the other hand...hes a laugh a minute...hes one weird cookie!
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I have to admit, Just about everytime Maia does something bad...I am laughing . When I catch her, she knows what she did and just looks at me "I could'nt help myself, it was an accidental, unpurpose, mistake, that I intentionally did!" look that makes me grab the camera! But basically she gives me the giggles everytime I look at her, unless shes not feeling well.
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