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Thank god for the Bennington Veternary Clinic

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A couple of years back our main vet retired and sold to some doctors who i feel are less than caring about their patients and are strickly in business to make money. This forced us to look farther away from home for a doctor who cares. If there was an emergency(like one of my critter kids gets hit in the road) then i would still go to the nearest pet hospital(which is only 10 minutes from our home), but for general care we now drive 30 minutes to another county to see Dr Bannister of the Bennington Veternary Clinic. Not only are he and his staff exceptional people, but recently they went above the call of duty for us. The first of the month we had to have our eldest cat put to sleep due to old age and kidney deteriation. Dr Bannister was very sympathetic and only charged for the cost of the injection. What really impressed me was the note i received the other day from the Purdue University stating that Dr Bannister made a donation to them in the name of our cat so that further studies of animals may contiune. All i can say is that i wish all vets were like him and may god bless him, his staff, and his family.
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That is awesome! Where is this clinic located?
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That is a wonderful thing he did, especially in the name of your kitty Thank you for posting this, its nice to know about the "good people" in the world
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Our vet did the same thing when my 16 year old Mew with HCM was sent to the Bridge.
It was a wonderful way to honor his memory.
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Aw - that is so wonderful. Our vet does the same thing - makes a donation in the name of the animal!
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wow! thats amazing. What a wonderful vet
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That really is amazing. I sure hope I am able to find a vet like that
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That is so wonderful! Some people are really meant to be vets and this guy certainly sounds like one of them! Bless his heart and may your RB cat be happy at the Rainbow Bridge!
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He sounds like a wonderful man! What a lovely thing to do.
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Very lovely thing for them to do. Its great to know that there are some out there who truly care about the animals they see every day.
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