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My cat has being puring/meowing really werid it goes like
brrreow its really weird and he does like every 5 minutes it makes me laugh a lot lol

It is so funny but is something wrong ?
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Mine does that too It is usually when he is hunting a fly that has flown out of reach, he will sit staring at it and 'brrreow'ing

How old is your cat? It could be completely normal, but any odd change in behaviour may signal a health problem, so it might be worth mentioning it to your vet if you have a checkup due soon, or if you notice any other behavioural changes or health issues.
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Hes 2 months old now
and he is really getting in to hunting
hes always chasing my and stuff
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Do you mean 2 months since you got him or your kitty is actually 8 weeks old???????? 8 weeks seems very young to be away from mommy and also seems young to be making a meow like that. . . . .but i'm just a fuddy duddy
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Sorry let me say it clearer
Hes over 2 months now
His owner wanted to get ride of him early coz he had toooo many cats so we offered to help
and i just reliased hes only bremeowd twice he was purring the other time
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Well maybe your kits is just a very "chatty" one. I have 3 kits and Pepsi in my sig. is the real chatty one. As aleady mentioned they do make that funny noise when watching birds etc.
I quite like to hear them talk, its like they are talking to you !
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Your cat's a boy?
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Ferris talks constantly, and it sounds like: Brrr? Brrrrroew..brrr.brrr.brrrr-rrrr?

He trills all up and down the scales - some cats are just more vocal than others, and it does not mean he is ill or that he needs to go to a vet.

However, as he is 2 months old, he will need to be seen by a vet for deworming and for his first shots, so if you haven't made an appointment yet, you'll need to very soon.
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abi has all sorts of purring sounds. sometimes she sounds like a dove.
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